Things You Should Know Before You Buy Panties


Women tend to shy a little whenever it comes to buying their undergarments. Panties are neglected the most when definitely it demands the most attention. Since panties and lingeries are closer wear to your skin and retain the shape of your body. So, all the ladies out there need to be a bit more concerned regarding their intimates. Another true fact is that women do not think it is important to know anything before buying panties. They do not shop for panties the way they shop for other clothing. Women hardly take any time to buy panties. So, it is time to throw away some of the backdated thoughts regarding panty shopping and be a bit more progressive about it.

Types of Panties

Having a thorough knowledge of the types of panties found in the market is extremely important. There are quite a few types of panties, which most of the women are unaware of. It is necessary for every lady to consider panties as an integral part of fashion. Also, it is equally important to know exactly what to panties to wear for each clothing style. Without any further ado, let us now discuss some of the types of panties.

  • Thongs 

Almost every woman in every country has heard about this type of panties. Thongs can be quite unconventional when compared to the others. The best thing about thongs is that it does not show any panty line. Thongs are generally also supposed to be a very alluring piece of clothing. You can wear them as swimwear or can also wear with jeans, shorts, and dresses. 

  • Boy Shorts

As the name suggests, this kind of panties does appear like men’s boxers though quite feminine. This properly covers your hip area and is rectangular in shape. These are not like your regular panties and are a little bit longer than usual panties. These can be worn with trousers and skirts. 

  • French Cut

It does not entirely cover your hips and has a very natural waistline, which sits comfortably on your belly. These panties have a beautiful cut too and you can wear them with any outfit. 

  • Hipsters

Hipsters are a mixture of both boyshorts and bikini panties. These panties are quite hugging to your hips. They can be worn as regular wear with any outfit of your choice. 

  • Seamless

Seamless is considered to be the most comfortable wear made out of a very soft fabric. It does not have any thick borderline, unlike few other panties. You can wear these panties with shorts, dresses or skirts, which are bodycon, and even white jeans. 

The few other types of panties are G-string, Briefs, compressors, Bikini panties, and High-waisted briefs

Types Of Panty Fabrics

Apart from the type of panties, you should also what kind of fabrics are there before you buy panties. We have ranked the fabrics on the basis of comfort as well as preference.

  • Cotton
  • Satin 
  • Lace
  • Silk
  • Mul Mul Cotton
  • Jersey

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before you buy panties. You will get habituated with these factors completely once you start taking it seriously. You need to also consider knowing the proper size of panties to buy as per your waist as well as the type of panty that can suit your skin the best. It is not possible for you to know which the best for you if you do not try them. Now, you can enjoy shopping for more panties and invest more time while buying them. It is hopeful that you enjoy good panty shopping!

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