A Checklist to Prepare for the Big Move

Are you expanding the scale of your business and moving to a bigger space? Or finally moving to your dream flat? There will be a million things you need to consider and take care of, and that can be quite overwhelming.
How to begin decorating the space, how to move all your existing furniture, endless paperwork to change your postal address, and lots more. The whole process is physically and emotionally exhausting and also time consuming. This post will help you tackle some of this moving madness. Just carry on reading-

  • Begin early

You own much more stuff than you think. Old sports equipment, that massager you used once, or old yearbooks from school. Your work space might be full of obsolete electronics you never got rid of. Once you start packing you will realise how much unnecessary clutter you have accumulated over the years.
The best way to tackle this mess is to begin early.  Divide everything into four categories- Recycle, Keep, Charity, and Rubbish. Be strict with yourself and only keep the things you really need. If you are getting rid of most of your old furniture, then you can hold a garage sale and give all those things a new home.
This will give you a fresh start in the new space and a much smoother moving experience.

  • Packing up

This is perhaps the most stressful part. You need to pack up everything including heavy furniture, delicate crockery, and electronics. But you can relieve yourself of this tremendous task by hiring professionals.
Furniture removalists offer affordable services including site for loading and unloading containers, professional packing to protect your belongings, and pallets cargo delivery.
In Brisbane, Happy Removals offer cost effective and insured removals. They are professional, reputed and cheap furniture removalists in Brisbane.
Now you don’t have to worry about nicking your precious vases or breaking your back while lifting that heavy desk.

  • Knowing the new area

When you are moving, you are essentially living out of two homes. It is best to know the new area and make a list of all coffee shops, restaurants, and convenience stores in the vicinity. This will be a great help when you finally move in but everything is in boxes, so you can’t cook yourself dinner.

  • New delivery address

Don’t forget to change your delivery address across different platforms. Instead of getting new furniture and decor delivered to your old office, just schedule it to be delivered straight to the new space. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

  • Familiarising the pets

If you are owners of some furry friends, then this move will be quite stressful for them too. You can’t verbally explain to them that they are going to have a new home.
To make it easier for them, you could regularly take them to the new house when you’re visiting. This will make them familiar to the area and the space and they will be far less confused when you move in.  
A Checklist to Prepare for the Big Move

Moving to a new space is always stressful no matter how much you prepare. It might take you longer to settle in than you anticipated or something else is bound to go wrong. But you have to hold on to your peace amidst this chaos. It is an exciting new beginning, so don’t forget to remember and celebrate that. Cheers to that and happy moving!                                               

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