Gas Fireplace Repair 101: What You Need to Know in 2022

It can be frightening and frustrating to realize your fireplace isn’t working. You want to ensure that your gas fireplace is fixed as quickly as possible as the coldest months are rapidly approaching.

You can save money and time by knowing when your fireplace is due for a tune-up and what should happen.

Why did my gas fireplace stop working?
Gas fireplaces are reliable but can occasionally have issues. You can quickly and efficiently fix your gas fireplace by learning how to diagnose the problem.

Here are the top reasons gas fireplaces don’t work. You can also see when you should call a professional to fix it.

Old Batteries
Some gas fireplaces require battery power to light the pilot. If your fireplace is not lighting up due to a battery problem, check the receiver or remote. It may be necessary to replace the batteries in order to get your fireplace working again.

Closed Gas Valves
Check the gas valve in your firebox and make sure it is set to the “on” position. This valve allows gas to be poured into your fireplace while you’re using it, and prevents gas from escaping your home when you’re not. This valve must be closed to prevent hot air from being created by your fireplace.

Pilot Light Blown Out
Your fireplace will not heat your home if there is an interruption in gas supply to the fireplace. For a DIY repair, be sure to read the instructions and manuals from the manufacturer. Also, make sure to clean out any debris from the orifices. This can also affect your pilot lights.

Propane Tank & Natural Gas Line Problems
Gas fireplaces that use propane will need to be checked. Make sure you have the knob on the top in the “on” position. This will ensure your propane tank can deliver gas to your furnace. If your propane supplier does not have gas flowing but the tank is turned on, contact them.

Thermocouple & Thermopile Issues
You might be curious about thermocouples or thermopiles, but they aren’t as complicated as they sound.

The thermocouple, a small metal probe that controls your fireplace’s gas valve, is used to check the temperature and ignite the gas if needed. Check to make sure the thermocouple is properly positioned and tightened.

Thermopiles are similar to thermocouples, since they also serve as temperature sensors. It is however connected to an electrical voltage, not the gas.

Call a professional if you suspect that something is not right with your thermocouple or thermopile.

Thermostat Problems
Your gas fireplace will not turn on if your thermostat is set lower that the actual room temperature. To see if your gas fire place starts to roar, check your thermostat settings.

If none of these DIY solutions solves your fireplace problem it is time to call a professional.

What is the cost of a gas fireplace repair?

There are many factors that can affect the cost of repairing a gas fireplace. You can expect to pay between $175-$916 for a gas fireplace repair in omaha.

Most professionals can repair your pilot light for around $150.

You can expect to spend between $150-250 when replacing a thermocouple/thermopile with professional assistance.

How to Prevent Gas Fireplace Repairs from Happening
Regular maintenance can prevent major problems from occurring with your gas fireplace. You can avoid larger costs by investing a little more time and money now.

How do you maintain a gas fireplace?
As part of your annual maintenance plan, gas fireplaces should be inspected annually by a professional. An expert can help you identify components that are worn out or become dangerous safety hazards.

How often should a gas fireplace need to be serviced?
Gas fireplaces should be serviced at least once per year. This is in addition to any problems that may need professional attention. You can prevent potential safety hazards by inspecting fireplaces even if they are not used often.

How to Choose a Gas Fireplace Service and Repair Company
You want to be able to trust the company that you hire to service or repair your gas fireplace. One unreliable contractor can cause dangerous safety hazards, long delays, and unforeseen costs.

Trustworthy fireplace shops should be able give you a quote before starting work on your unit. This will ensure that you don’t have to pay high prices for small jobs.


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