How to drive safely in snowy conditions

Driving in snow is one of the most treacherous driving conditions for both the experienced as well as newbie drivers. The skidding snow road, poor lighting, and the foggy windscreen are no fun and require one to follow certain safety rules to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. It doesn’t matter if you have a manual car with the gearbox or an auto transmission vehicle, this comprehensive guide on driving safely in snow conditions will make your journey more pleasant and protected from road hazards.

Here, we list you the top six tips that ensure you drive safe despite the intimidating snow!

1. Check your vehicle before you start!

Before you start riding, get your vehicle prepared for the challenging ride on the snow ahead. Check if the fog lights and headlights are working, if the roof rack is secured, if the fuel is full and if the radiator has antifreeze compound. Carry a spare tire if you could to help you during any untoward incident. Do not overlook checking these basic prerequisite steps as they indeed help you and your vehicle easily overcome the dangers of driving in snow. You can search for auto transmission Sydney to buy an auto transmission car in perfect condition.

2. Drive slow at a steady pace!

Though a common piece of advice given to drivers, driving slowly in snow is the predominant step towards safety. Expect an upcoming turn and slow down your car well in advance to prevent skidding and losing control of the wheels. Brake gently in the corners and turns to prevent hazards. Sudden braking causes the vehicle to skid and loses control.

3. Install snow chains for that extra grip!

The wisest idea to driving safely on snow is to install snow chain on all four tires for both manual as well as auto transmission vehicles. These snow chains augment the tire’s grip in daunting snowy roads and give you better control over the vehicle. You can hire them too but it is highly suggested you get one yourself four bespoke snow chains that best fit your vehicle’s wheels.

4. Drive at a higher gear!

If you have a manual gear car, drive at higher gears to have better control of the wheels as it improves traction and prevents any potential upcoming skids. If you drive an auto transmission vehicle that has no gearbox, pay utmost attention to the wheels and gently apply breaks. Sudden and sharp braking does more bad than good. Some auto transmission vehicles have L, 2 or +/- controls; in that case, choose the higher gear for safe driving.

5. Accelerate and brake gently!

Winters are not just about snow but there are also sheets of black ice lying on the roads. So, avoid having sharp turns as they cause skids. Should your car skid, avoid sudden breaking at any cost. Ease the pressure on the accelerator and apply the brakes gently. Accelerate steadily to increase speed and avoid sudden acceleration. This gives you better control of the car.

6. Keep your windscreen clear and fog free!

It is pretty common for the car windscreen to fog over pretty fast during the snowy winter months. An instant tip to clear them away is to turn on the air-conditioner. This is will lower the temperature inside the car and clear off all the fog giving you an unintimidated view of the road ahead.

Hope we have got all the major tips covered on driving safely in the perilous snow roads. Your safety is the utmost priority. Hence, ensure to follow the steps to drive seamlessly through the snowy roads having full control over the wheels.

Happy Riding!

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