How to Keep Your Family Safe from Intruders During Quarantine

Working from home allows you to spend more time with your family members. However, just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can keep your family protected. Some people who are desperate to feed their families to survive financial challenges might commit a crime. You can be a victim of people in a desperate situation. If they decide to intrude and try to steal from you, they will do it even if you’re at home.

It’s even worse since you might have a home office and you don’t allow anyone to disturb you. You isolate yourself in a room, and you don’t know what’s going on around you. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the steps to keep your family protected while working at home.

Install security cameras

It’s good to have security cameras so you can feel confident that everyone will be safe. These cameras will scare potential intruders. If they see one, they know that there’s a possibility that they will get caught. Even if they pursued the crime, you could still check the footage and turn it over to the police. Security cameras are a popular product now, and you can buy one at an affordable cost.

Don’t be too complacent 

Avoid being too complacent in allowing your children to do whatever they want. You still have to guide them. Tell them not to trust anyone outside the house or answer phone calls requesting them to do something. Again, even if you’re at home, you won’t always attend to their needs. If you don’t teach them the right thing, it’s easy for them to become prey to these criminals.

Purchase a baby monitor 

If you have a baby, it’s helpful to have a baby monitor. You can go to the bathroom and leave your baby inside the nursery room. As a working parent, you also need time to take a break. Sometimes you can’t look after your baby. Go to the shower room and relax for a while. It’s even better if you have a walk in bath. You can go longer than expected since you feel relaxed. With a baby monitor, you will know if there’s something wrong going on in the other room, and you can respond immediately.

Save the phone number of the police department on speed dials 

Some people force their way into a house and are armed with weapons. The best way to prevent them from pursuing their plans is by calling the police. It helps if you have the phone number of the police station on your speed dial. In this situation, you will panic. You might not dial the right number so try to stay calm. Ask for help and be specific in giving the information.

You can’t let anything happen to your family. You already know that some people are in a terrible situation, and they might commit crimes. You can’t allow yourself to be on the receiving end of their actions.

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