3 ways you can protect your house for the long haul

Perhaps the biggest investment you will make in your life is your house. And when you make an investment, it is a rule of thumb to preserve and protect it. In the case of your property, you need to take preventive measures to ensure your house lasts and passes the test of time.

A well-maintained house is definitely going to impress potential buyers and a home inspector in Riverside while increasing the value of your property. 

So, how can you prepare your house for the long haul? Here are 3 ways you can do this. 

Regular and preventive maintenance

When you take up the responsibility of a house, you should always make it a point to invest in preventive maintenance. Have a set budget and a checklist for all the checks you will perform in a year. The roof, HVAC, structure, and plumbing should be given more importance in this checklist. 

Once the list is made, assess which ones you can do yourself and the ones that need a professional and start planning finances accordingly. Make sure you factor in the age of the house and the climate conditions when budgeting maintenance. 

Have an emergency repair fund

Whether your house is 30 years old and freshly constructed, repairs are inevitable. It is part of being a homeowner. Therefore, start early and gradually and save up an emergency repair fund for your house. This can help ease the financial load on you when you have something to take care of in your property out of the blue. 

While being a homeowner is no cheap affair, you can plan out your finances to make your experience a bit better. The key here is to know which repairs are urgent (roofing, foundation, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC) and which can wait (floor damage and busted washer).

Small things matter; don’t ignore it

Finally, don’t sweep small problems under the rug. This is the worst mistake a homeowner can make. When you ignore when an issue is small, it can snowball into a more expensive and problematic repair. For instance, ignoring a leaky faucet over time can turn into a major plumbing issue. Sometimes, these small issues are indicative of a bigger problem. So always pay attention to the early signs and take action to deal with the same. 


Being a homeowner is no easy job; neither is it affordable. Expensive repairs can be taxing on your financials, which can be prevented through preventive and timely maintenance. It is always smart to build up savings for maintenance work and emergency repair to avoid being blindsided by an expensive repair. Most importantly, it is always smart to pay attention to your house. 

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