Things You Ought to Know Before Installation of a Shower Base

Shower Base

If you are renovating your entire house or upgrading your bathroom, then replacing a shower base is a crucial aspect. If you are scouring the internet for countless products and their reviews, then you have to know the important aspects before buying the same. 

So, here is a short guide explaining to you the essential things to know before purchasing and installation of a shower base. You can evaluate the points and consider them before making the final decision. 


Yes, we know that the budget is always tight when it comes to the renovation of a bathroom. And if you are involved in the house upgrading project, then it might be challenging to fit an exotic shower base in your budget. 

But we want to remind you that numerous shower bases that are available at reasonable prices. Marble or surface showers might be pricey and won’t be an option for an investment-based home. But you can surely go for a concrete tiled one or an acrylic one that looks great visually and also fits into the budget. 


Once you have agreed upon the budget of a shower base, you can check for the different materials for the same. Shower bases as per materials are available in four types as follows: 

  • Acrylic – The most durable shower base is made out of acrylic. It is preferred by most of the households and is the best choice of shower base dealers. Easy to install, these shower bases have an excellent visual appeal and highlight the colour theme of your bathroom. These are easy to maintain as compared to the tiled or natural shower bases.

When it comes to acrylic shower base repairs, then you have to be stress-free. They require less maintenance and do not need frequent servicing or repairing. But you have to keep in mind that repairing them is a bit high on the pocket if there are loopholes during the installation. So, when you plan to install an acrylic shower base, call an expert in this field with skilled staff.

  • Fiberglass – These are the most reasonable shower bases but are prone to damages or stains. If you are not careful in using this base, then frequent repairs and even a costly replacement might be needed.
  • Tile – It offers a chic look, but it comes with a hefty price too. The installation of this shower requires teamwork and expenses. Also, the installation is a complex task, and it can be difficult to maintain by the house owners.
  • Composite – Made from two or three materials, composite shower bases rank higher in the list of durable bases. Yet, these are lightweight and stable. Offering ease in maintenance, repairing, and installation, these showers are on the expensive side. So, if you want to make a good investment in a shower base, then composite is for you. 


Once the shower base is selected, it needs to be installed by the skilled staff of the supplier. If there is any loophole in the installation process, then it can affect your base and will need frequent repairs. So, be conscious while hiring a shower base installer. Make sure they provide a warranty period and after-installation services too. Try to negotiate and grab the finest deal. 

So, installing a shower base takes time and effort, and so every house owner should be diligent while doing so. You have to vigilant while choosing a shower base and also while hiring an installer to get it fixed in your bathroom. Make an investment and not a hasty purchase with sufficient research and negotiation. 

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