Best Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you are an invitee to a baby shower function, you may require great baby shower gift ideas. If you apply your mind and choose a good gift, you are sure to be appreciated. While others may choose the usual, run-of-the-mill gifts such as diaper bags, stuffed animals or clothes, if you have creative baby shower ideas, your gift will stand out and bring a great smile on the face of the mother-to-be.  But, at the same time, you should ensure that your gifts are useful also. Some mothers-to-be start and have a baby gift registry and you can refer to it for buying baby shower gifts they may like. If you are not getting any unique baby shower gift ideas, you can choose to gift cash or gift certificates. The mothers-to-be should pool up all the money got like this for buying bigger items. You can also plan and have cute baby shower gift ideas by making home-made gifts. Attractive diaper cakes or baby gift baskets can be made at home.

By making these home-made gifts, you can not only save money but they will also be satisfying for the expectant mothers. Such home-made items cannot be called cheap gift ideas because they are invaluable. In fact, they will prove your love and affection towards the mothers-to-be and they will remember this gesture forever. In fact, women very much like to do shopping for baby shower gifts. But, before they take up this task, they should decide on their budget. If they do not do so, they will take a longer time for making their choice. By informing the stores person their price range, they will be guided suitably in the gift stores. Some women do not plan and turn the store upside down before they choose the gifts. This is not the right approach. If the expectant mother is your close pal, you can decide to buy a gift for her also which will go a long way in strengthening your friendship. Especially if you choose a unique and useful item as a gift to your friend and mother-to-be, you will definitely be appreciated for your thoughtfulness. Similarly, baby shower gift for guests should be planned by the hostess so that the attendees will also remember the function. The family that conducts the function for the sake of the mother-to-be will ensure to invite many children so that the expectant mother will enjoy the ambiance created by the presence of such young children. There will be separate types of gifts for boys and so is the case for girls.

Useful Baby Shower Gifts Ideas Below

  1. A unique gift that is likely to impress mothers-to-be is a baby shower bath kit. This kit will contain all the essential items that are required for giving the baby a good bath. These items may include a baby soap, a baby shampoo, a wash cloth and an attractive towel. You should ensure that the soap and the shampoo are mild ones because the baby skin will be highly soft and irritation may affect the skin if the soap and shampoo contain strong chemicals. You can include a baby comb also along with these items. You can claim some baby samples for free at free baby stuff place.
  2. You can also plan to gift a baby blanket that can keep the baby warm and if you make it a personalized one, it will all the more be attractive. If the parents have already decided a name for the baby, you can manage to know it and get the name sewn decoratively on the blanket. There are a wide variety of such blankets in the market and you can choose one on which comic characters like teddy bears, ducks, lambs and so on are drawn colorfully.
  3. One of the great gift ideas for the occasion is the choice of picture frames because parents can have rare pictures shot and keep them on these frames. These pictures will be really precious for the parents and especially, mothers will definitely enjoy and cherish such pictures. You can customize these frames also by putting the name or the initials of the baby on the frames. If the color of the frame suits the gender of the baby, it can turn out to be a great gift. There are experts who can guide you in this regard.
  4. Tees that are made of soft jersey cotton with colorful and attractive images will be a good choice as baby shower gifts. You should ensure to choose them in appropriate sizes.
  5. There are kits available for taking the footprint or hand print of babies because mothers may love to preserve them throughout their life. Such kits are made of non-toxic materials and so, you need not be afraid that they will harm the baby. These kits may come with a frame, one side of which will have the baby’s picture. The other side will have the foot or hand print of the baby.
  6. You can also plan to give good gifts for the mother also on the occasion of the baby shower. There are several suitable gifts for the mother such as body lotions, manicure or pedicure sets, massage tools, etc. Such gifts will make the bondage between you and the mothers-to-be stronger.

You can get baby shower gift ideas if you try to see and “feel” through the eyes of the mother-to-be whose function is being celebrated so that you can give unique and highly satisfying gifts.

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