5 Weekend Home Improvement Projects you’ll Love

Who doesn’t love to improve their homes with small changes? Even if you, a homeowner, don’t like it, your prospective buyers, if your property is up for sale, will surely do. This is why kitchen remodeling in Connecticut is a popular option among homeowners. But the fact of the matter is that not everyone can afford such renovations. For such people, small home improvement projects are a great choice. 

In this article, we will cover five such projects that you can do over the weekend with minimal effort; all that’s required is some prior experience in DIY work and a lot of enthusiasm. 

Mini bathroom renovation

Any person who has been on a tour of the house has focused quite a lot on the bathroom. This is why when putting up the house for sale; this is a room you need to get revamped. This weekend, you can try to have a mini bathroom renovation through a fresh coat of paint on the vanity or replacing the fixtures and cabinet hardware, or adding a frame to the mirror. Yes, it’s that simple. 

Create inviting doors

If renovating a bathroom is not your thing, then try creating an inviting and warm front door. A fresh coat of paint can brighten up the entire doorstep area, giving a vibe of a brand new door. Want to be inviting to your guests? This is the perfect weekend project for you. 

Add a new patio

If you are like many homeowners that want more outdoor space, here is a great project for you. With some excavation, gravel or limestone, builder’s sand, flagstones, and rake, you can have a great patio over the weekend. Make sure to get some help if this is your first time with heavy-duty DIY projects.  

Set up hidden charging stations

If you love decluttering your space, we have the perfect project for you. Outfit an empty drawer with a power strip as a charging dock and divided drawer organizer; drill a hole for the cords, and you are all set to get charging your devices. 

Get a new backsplash

A backsplash is your savior when you have dishes to do or while cooking a sputtering mess. They make cleaning easier while adding aesthetics to your kitchen. Over the weekend, you can replace the backsplash with cost-effective options like wallpapers, tin and tiles, and peel-and-stick subway tiles.


Home improvement projects and renovation tend to be on the expensive side and can take a lot of time. However, small changes can go a long way towards improving the aesthetics of the house. The five mentioned above are simple enough that you can do it over the weekend with some help.

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