Top features that differentiate commercial electrical contractors from residential contractors

Electrical contractors will look after the health of the electrical power lines. They are generally not the same who will repair home appliances. A commercial contractor is licensed by authorities to work on main power grids and power lines.

A good commercial contractor will also be licensed to work on any industrial or commercial project. You can search for the best commercial electrical contractor in Auckland.  Expert commercial electrical contracting services will undertake all types of electrical contract jobs.

There are several areas where commercial electrical contractors may differ from the residential contractor. Some important differences are listed below.

  1. Service area

A residential electrical contractor will only be trained to work on smaller projects. They can mainly handle minor issues in and around the homes. They will lay down the wireline and check with the faulty switches.

But a commercial contractor is not the same. His work area is much bigger. He is trained to offer different types of services. He will also work on live electrical lines. They look after the health of the entire industrial area and industrial units as well.

  1. Supplies and equipment

A residential electrical contractor will have access to simple tools and equipment. They also use supplies that are fit for your homes. They may or may not make use of heavy-duty tools.

But if you hire a commercial electrical contractor, he is a professional. So his supplies will also be of top grade. He may always work on multiple-phase supplies. He will always use tools and equipment that are of heavy-duty type.

  1. Technical knowledge and skills

In any field, technical knowledge and skills are the two most important factors. A good commercial electrical contractor will always have the right set of skills and knowledge. He may have undergone special training. A commercial electrical contractor will always undergo technical training and will be a diploma holder.

Thus he is efficient in working in different work areas. Residential contractors on the other hand maybe school graduates. He learns most of the work from his peers.

  1. Project size

If you have a small project size then you may only have to hire a residential contractor. But if your project is big, then you will only have to hire a commercial electrical contractor. He will always prefer working on big projects.

A good commercial contractor will always work in a team. They will have a lineman and others experts as team members. They will also have a valid registration. They may always work on a contract basis.

It is never easy to hire a good commercial contractor. You have to select them depending on the type of project you want to get accomplished. If you hire one, you should research his area of expertise in advance.

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