4 best types of tiles for the most suitable part of your home to create a statement!

When the carpets are worn out, the furniture looks deteriorated, the wall paint is peeling, and the ceiling is ready to give away, it’s finally time to go for a home renovation! Most of you will be happy inside for the much-needed change in the place (if you ignore the charges that go with it!) And when we are considering the house renovations, revamping the floor is the best way to create a fabulous style statement in the house. And so far, tiles have proved to be the best option that can give your home a fantastic look without much expense.

The different types of tiles that look best in various parts of your home!

In Auckland, the tiler from My Tiling will suggest you opt for this option if you want a long-lasting flooring solution for your home. And you should pay heed to them, for they are best in this job and can adorn both your commercial and residential spaces with the best tiling work. But you’ll have to choose the nice kinds of tiles for the different areas of your home after checking the options given below.

  • Ceramic tiles —Apparently, ceramic tiles are the favorites of interior designers. Maybe because you can easily fit them in your bathroom, kitchen, and even front entrance because they are super easy to clean and extremely nonslippery. So, whether you have the bathroom floor or walls in mind, the ceramic tiles are perfect for this section. For your kitchen, these are recommended mostly for the walls. And if you are looking to adorn the foyer, these tiles are what you should bring home.
  • Porcelain tiles — A slightly upgraded version of ceramic tiles, the porcelain tiles are more durable and that is why more expensive. Whether you go for the glazed version of these or simply opt for the Victorian ones, they look fabulous in your living room and bedroom floors. Since they are highly decorative in nature, you can actually create a very fantastic decor in your home with the help of these tiles.
  • Glass tiles — Call these a very sophisticated version of tiles. Glass tiles look very dazzling in your bathroom spaces. (Especially if you have a compact shower stand or a small bathroom, they add pizzazz to this space.) But since they are highly vulnerable to chips and wear, they are not recommended for your floors at all.
  • Marble tiles — A very high-profile version of tiles, the marble tiles mimic the natural stones with a fine grace. They are spectacular to look at and averagely long-lasting as well. That is why, you can install the marble tiles in your living room, bedroom, guest room floors without any worries. The different colors and patterns available in this tile type is an added perk of choosing them.

These are the topmost and most commonly used tiles from this family. Of course, you would have even heard about granite tiles which are best for your outdoors, stone tiles that look fabulous on your countertops, and even cement tiles which are again the best options for your balconies or poolside. Overall, most variants in tiles are totally awesome and you can make your home look stunning with their installation if you know the right ones for the right places. 

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