67 Years Of Fun Learning And Growing

When I was little I didn’t mind going to the dentist or doctor. This isn’t a normal thing for a child but I liked it because in the lobby would be Highlights!  I would race into the office, grab the magazine, and head straight for my favorites…Hidden Pictures and the stories with the pictures in place of words.  Magazines directed to a child like me was a little slice of heaven. Highlights is an award winning publication who is “committed to helping kids become their best selves.” They believe that children can “experience fun and joy when they use their innate creativity, curiosity, thinking ability and imagination.” They use this belief to create exceptional magazines and products for children, parents and teachers. Highlights publishes three magazines; Highlights (for ages 6-12), High Five (for ages 2-6), and Hello (for ages 0-2). When you find the perfect magazine for your child’s stage you are sure to help them have hours of “laughing, learning and making memories that last a lifetime.” For as little as $2.19 an issue, kids can learn and grow more and more each month.

Highlights sent my son the March 2014 editions of each of their magazines.  He was thrilled to look through each of them.  I needed to help him with the Highlights and High Five because the pages are paper and I didn’t want him to rip them.  Hello is made from thick durable pages and no staples so it is very kid friendly and he was able to look at that one by himself. Highlights, designed for ages 6-12, helps kids “explore new topics, investigate cool subjects, and find out about the world.”  Mix in a little bit of fun and games and each 40-page issue is an amazing treat for children.  “Stories, games, puzzles, riddles, science experiments, craft projects and interactive entertainment” are all things that will get your child looking forward to their magazine arriving each month. High Five, designed for ages 2-6, encourages children to love learning.  This is a the age that children are preparing to go to preschool and grade school and is a pivotal time where they begin their education.

Parents want their kids to enjoy learning and with the help of High Five kids can.  “Each monthly issue brings 40 pages of read-along stories and poems, simple crafts and recipes, learning games, puzzles for beginners and other activities that can set your child on the path to becoming a lifelong learner.” Hello, designed for ages 0-2, is a bright colorful, age-appropriate way for babies and toddlers to begin their development.  Every month there are 16-pages of stories, games, and activities the will encourage quality time between parent and baby.  I like that that pages are thick and durable, the corners are rounded, and there aren’t any staples.  The magazine is smaller and fits perfectly in little hands. Beckham loves reading and especially loves reading Hello.  He likes finding the little pictures inside the bigger picture.  He likes reading the stories and looking at the silly babies inside.  We have read this magazine over and over.  Each time is just as fun as the first.  Beckham was also given a 1 year subscription to Hello!  It is going to be so fun seeing his face light up each time a new issue shows up at our house.

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