What are teen military schools?

Military schools serve many different purposes for teens throughout the country. A teen military school may take the form of an institution for helping troubled youth; alternately, some military schools are exclusive preparatory schools that focus on academic achievement. Most are private institutions.

Academically-oriented military schools

Academically-oriented military schools often graduate students that go on to some of the country’s most prestigious colleges. Graduates of these schools tend to be successful, either in careers in commerce or as an officer in the military. Competition is often fierce to gain acceptance into the best military schools. Because most are private institutions, students have no obligation to attend the military after graduation, although many do make that choice.

Another type of teen military school focuses on providing guidance to troubled teens. These schools are often seen as a last resort or an alternative to juvenile hall, and are meant to impose discipline on an unruly and out of control teenager. Although forced placement is possible in some institutions, most do require the cooperation of the teen, and teens that refuse to cooperate may be expelled and sent home.

In either case, a military school imposes a pseudo-military regime as part of the overall strategy of instilling a sense of honor, discipline and achievement in its students. In addition to achieving academic goals, teens at military schools will also be faced with physical challenges, which are not designed to punish, but to help them achieve a superior level of physical fitness and to create a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

Military Schools Environment 

Almost all military schools, regardless of whether they are academic or for troubled teens, are boarding schools where students live in a dormitory environment during the academic year. Students nonetheless have plenty of opportunity for staying in contact with family, through either the phone or the Internet (computers are almost always available), and parents are often encouraged to visit the campus on special parent days. The boarding environment, as well as the military regime, encourages lifelong associations and friendships which frequently develop, and also gives the young students an opportunity to develop a sense of maturity that can only be achieved in a boarding environment, where students are given responsibilities and expectations.

In short, like any type of school, military schools come in all varieties for all types of students, from the academically gifted to the troubled, and often provide an excellent foundation for enrichment and advancement throughout life.

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