9 Months

Pregnancy is a special and wonderful time. During those 9 months, all kinds of celebrations can arise; weddings, showers, birthdays, and holidays. All cause for celebration and for a pregnant woman it would feel awesome to celebrate right alongside everyone else.  I never really drank a lot, but I definitely do enjoy a tasty glass of wine every now and then. The funny thing was, when I was pregnant, all I wanted was a drink…one of those “want what you can’t have”  mind things, I’m sure. When I first saw 9Months Sparkling Red and White, I knew a bottle of this non-alcoholic sparklings would have been a welcomed treat during my total 18 months. 9Months sparkling blend is for mothers-to-be who can pop the cork while they, themselves, are waiting to pop! We’ve never been ones to miss out of the fun so we set out to develop a beverage for expecting moms so they, too, can raise their glass and partake in toasts whatever the occasion. Made from the finest

grapes in the gorgeous southern region of the country, the only thing missing from 9Months is the alcohol. So, just because you’ll soon be preparing bottles of a different variety, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a bottle of our delicious nonalcoholic bubbly – you’ve earned it! ~ 9 Months 9Months generously sent me a bottle of their Sparkling Red and Sparkling White non-alcoholic blend. Made from grapes grown in Southern Australia in a family owned winery; 9months is a high quality beverage made specifically for expectant mothers. First off; NO, I am not pregnant! I was so curious about this non-alcoholic sparkling beverage and just had to try it. I enjoy a drink every now and then, but honestly, I don’t drink very often. The 9 Months Sparkling  Red is absolutely delicious. Full of flavor and very smooth. The Sparkling White is equally delicious and my personal favorite. Sweet and fresh, a fantastic drink to pair with almost any festive meal. I must say that remembering back to my pregnancy days, I would have loved to have shared a drink at many different celebrations; weddings, reunions, even my own baby shower. Popping a cork and pouring a nice drink into a fancy glass would been so great! I think 9Months would be an amazing treat for any pregnant woman in your life. I have a friend I think will be expecting soon and I am definitely sending her a bottle of 9Months to celebrate when I hear the good news! 9Months is also offering a Valentine’s Day special; Two Bottles of 9 months, a festive “Happy Love Day” tag, and an adorable red and white print headwrap!

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