We Love Music Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 Review Sponsored

We love music in our home! I love playing it everyday for my children. Music is such a BIG part of my daily life. It motivates me, encourages me, and just plain gets me through my days. I love to sing along (while I will admit I don’t have the best voice) to my favorite artists. My kids have also found a love for music through the years. They dance and move around and we have so much fun while listening in our home.  It really engages them and I love seeing their spirits dance through song. We recently had the opportunity to test out the Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 speaker. I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Soundfreaq. I received a Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 to facilitate my review.

This past week has been a music fest for us as we had the opp to review the Soundfreaq. We listen to music daily and I had been looking for a blue tooth device to play my music when I recently saw a set my sister got her husband for Christmas. I loved how easy it was to use. I loved the idea of being able to play music in my home from my phone and have my phone with me and not set on a dock. The Soundfreaq sound platform 2 features blue tooth and I am able to use it when I am in the other room or down the hall.It does however offer the feature of docking your smartphone or tablet and charging it conveniently.   It doesn’t work when I am farther away from it, but that’s fine since the majority of the day my kids and I are in the kitchen/family room area. The sound was crisp and clear, and we enjoyed a lot of dancing and listening to music this week. It’s priced at $150. I have looked at other systems and some of them ranged well over $200+. So for $150, I give this product 5 stars. It’s well priced and a good quality unit that has been great to have in the home. You can also add a second unit (DSS) to create a left and right audio in your room. For two units you are looking at around $250.

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