From Me, With Love {Studio255 Personalized Stamp Review}

Snail mail is kind of a thing of the past.  I can’t remember the last time I went to the mailbox, opened it, and found a personal letter written to me.  Back up…Christmas cards don’t count.  In all honesty, I got an envelope yesterday that was had a hand written address on it.  I immediately recognized it as my mom’s writing.  I was hoping it was a cute little note, something just saying that she was thinking of me.  Nope, it was something that had gone to her house instead of mine by mistake.  It had a little sticky note on that said, “You will need this for your taxes.”  Not exactly what I had hoped for.  As much as I like to receive letters, cards, and packages, I never send them myself.  I did send Christmas cards, though.  I always do the ABC’s of the Curtis family and a picture.  The worst part of sending Christmas cards is writing out the envelopes.  I honestly had everything ready to go for over a week just because I didn’t want to address my envelopes.  The day that I gave in, I had a little nudge.  I had a darling little package arrive on my doorstep.  Inside I found a wooden stamp with my return address on it.   Studio255 made me a personal stamp that is AMAZING!!

I was so glad that I had procrastinated sending my cards cuz now I could save myself all kinds time by stamping my address on all of the envelopes.  Sydney, the owner of Studio255, hooked me up with her brand new design The Personalized Wedding Stamp.  I LOVE that it isn’t a blah-here is a lame stamp so you know the Curtis’ sent this stamp.  I love that it has our first names with a heart in between.  It is just something special and different.   The quality of the stamp itself is wonderful.  The stamp is wooden with a rubber stamp on the underside.  On the top of the stamp itself, is the name and address so you can line it up and make sure it is right side up.  It also has a handle to make easy to hang on to while you stamp.  I love the fact that you get to change out the colors of ink to coordinate with holidays, cards or envelopes.   I have LOVED having this…I have shown it off to many a friend.  I used it on my Christmas cards, but you can bet that it will be used on birthday invitations, birthday cards, and any other envelope that leaves my house.  Who knows, I may even make my bills look cute!Studio255 isn’t just stamps….“Studio255 is a small, Chicago-based, design company specializing in custom stationery and stamps by designer Sydney Nogle. Whether you’re sending out your wedding invitations or announcing the birth of your child, Studio255 has the eye to make it extraordinary. Why send out the exact same stationery as anyone else when your celebration is uniquely your own?While wedding stationery is a large part of what Studio255 does, keep us in mind for shower invitations, baby announcements, personal stationery and anything else that you can stick a stamp on and send through the mail with class.

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