Under Cover

Fall officially began this week.  I almost didn’t notice, considering the temps in Texas are still in the 90’s!  But, despite the heat, I was in the mood to pull some fall decorations out of the attic and light spiced pumpkin candles.  Autumn is my favorite season.  I love deep fall colors, eventual drop in temperatures (not too cold though), football/cheer season and spending time together with family on Thanksgiving.Whether tailgating or holiday meals, comfort foods start appearing about this time of year.  Mashed potatoes, casseroles, baked mac-n-cheese, cobblers……yummeee!  All those dishes set out can be quite a feast for the eyes, too.  When  preparing to set my table family style, I tend to not like dishes left uncovered, so I’ll use plastic wrap or tin foil until ready to serve……not so pretty.

Charles Viancin has a solution to functionally keep food covered and look lovely on the table with their fall inspired line of pumpkin and gourd silicone lids. Charles Viancin Pumpkin, Gourd and Banana Leaf Silicone Lids are made of BPA free, 100% food grade silicone to seal tightly on all smooth rim stainless steel, glass, plastic, and ceramic containers.  They are perfect for covering bowls, pots, casserole dishes, or mugs depending on the size you select.  Sizes include a 11″, 9″, 8″, 6″ and 4″ circular Pumpkin Lid, 9″ & 8″ Circular Gourd Lid, and 9×13″ or 9×9″ rectangular Banana Leaf Lid.  These lids can be washed with mild detergents making them reusable and environment friendly….no need for plastic wrap.  They are also microwave safe for steaming or when required to avoid splatters.

You don’t want to use them over an open flame though, avoid using sharp utensils on them and because of their porous nature, they could stain if used with highly acidic foods like spaghetti sauce. I’ve used Charles Viancin‘s lids for various uses.  I especially love the 4″ mug covers which are perfect to keep my morning tea warm while getting ready for work.  I was thinking they would be so cute as a favor for a fall gathering…….each place setting could have a mug for coffee, cocoa, etc and the lid acts as decor and gift!  I’ve used the 9″ Pumpkin Lid for covering my spaghetti sauce as it simmered; word of caution….steam condenses on the lid, so be careful when you take the lid off as hot water droplets will fall.  It did a great job of insulating my sauce when I was waiting to serve it.  I’ve used the Gourd Lid to cover leftovers in the fridge and the rectangular Banana Leaf Lid is great to use as a cover to a potluck casserole.

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