This Is Traintastic

My son loves watching DVDs. Most mornings the first thing he wants to do is watch about 5 minutes of each of his DVDs.  It is like he wants to watch them all at once so a little of each will have to do.  He is such a silly kid.Recently he received the brand-new ‘Chuggington’ DVD, ‘Explorer Koko‘.  Chuggington is new to him as he watches hand me down DVDs like The Wiggles, Little People, and Sesame Street in the morning.  It is rare that I can talk him into watching Disney Junior….which I love!  His attention was immediately captured when we put this DVD in.   There was no way he wanted to turn it off and stick in another one after 5 minutes.  He sat and watched the whole thing…something he doesn’t do unless he is trapped sitting in his high chair.

In “Explorer Koko”, everyone’s best friend Koko is chosen to carry the King of Buffertonia and his dignitaries on a special tour of Chuggington.  The new release also follows Koko as she get hooked on a computer game trying to best Hodge’s high score and finds herself in a heap of trouble when her net shooter fails on the tracks!  In these six fast-paced and fun-filled episodes, Brewster, Wilson, and Koko discover the importance of teamwork, leadership, and more.  The new DVD also comes complete with Chugger Spotlights, a bonus Badge Quest Episode and adorable coloring sheets!”Beckham is really enjoying this DVD!  The fact that it has 6 episodes is fun.  It is like 6 in 1!!  When one ends he comes running to me, “Again! Again!”  Then the next starts.  He isn’t used to there being so many different shows on one DVD.  He also loves the bonus features.  I know it may seem weird to say my 23 month old likes bonus features but it is the truth.  He knows how to work the remote and he will watch all of them.


  • “Explorer Koko”
  • “Runaway Koko”
  • “Fearless Wilson”
  • “Koko’s Game”
  • “Hodge’s Secret”
  • “Inspector Emery”

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