The Lost Is Found

With 4 kids, we lose a lot of things. We have lost jackets, sweaters, gloves, Nintendo DS (x2), and sippy cups back in the day. There are so many things that we have looked everywhere for and they are no where to be found. If only I had found the solution to my problem years ago. We got 90 labels from Name Bubbles that have come in SO handy! Name Bubbles began in a local coffee shop in Upstate New York. What started as a home business quickly grew into a diverse team of talented individuals. Their goal was simple – to create a well-crafted personalized name label that is both fun and functional. To this day, Name Bubbles wants to provide each and every customer with a positive experience and stylish labels made just for them.

 Where Creativity Shines, Durability Endures

Our personalized labels are manufactured in the US with top of the line materials that are guaranteed to last. They’re waterproof, fade resistant and contain an ultra strong adhesive that means they’ll stick where you need them and stay looking bright and vibrant. Our entire product line of personalized name labels are dishwasher safe and freezer friendly -60° Fahrenheit to 225° Fahrenheit. Plus, our popular clothing labels are small enough to fit onto a garment’s care tag and stand up to any laundry cycle!

More than Just a Label

Name Bubbles takes pride in producing a quality product, and believes that a customer’s experience is of the utmost importance. This is why each order is backed by a dedicated Customer Service Team ready to go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. The pack that we got is called the Share Labels Pack.  It includes 90 labels in 5 different sizes. You can have up to 6 different names, that could be 1 name per sheet- since you get a total of 6 sheets.  Shown above are 3 of the 6 sheets we received. There are all kinds of options to personalize your labels.  Since my girls were going to split the pack, we tried to find something they would all like.  We went the mustaches, of course!  It is actually called Hearts and Handlebars. The options you have to choose from are darling!  I loved the camo, plaid and crossbones too. Once you have picked your style, you then get to choose your color scheme. With 24 different color schemes available, there is sure to be a color combo that you will love.  Then you get to add your icon- or the fun little picture in the middle.  Again, we choose a stache.

On to the font and adding the names. On this particular set, you could have up to 6 names.  I loved that I could get one set and have some for all of my girls. Not only are the labels incredibly handy so you know who’s is who’s, but they are also laundry and dishwasher proof!  In the top left hand corner of the collage above, there is an “April” label on a sweater that has been washed.  No fading or peeling at all.  They do tell you to let the labels set for 24 hours before washing.  My girls have stuck their labels to things that are important to them.  Hailee labeled her case for her rubber bands that she makes bracelets out of and her Si (from Duck Dynasty) cup.  Mia labeled her umbrella and her library card.  April has added her name to sweaters, her back pack and her pencil case…all things that might get lost at school. These labels are perfect to label items that kids are taking to school, the babysitters or day care.  Put them in shoes, on bottles, jackets, toys…just about anything that you would like to ever see again!  Name Bubbles has come up with the perfect way to keep track of all of your goods….now if they could only guarantee that my kids would remember to bring their things home!!

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