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As a mom, I am sure you run around like crazy all day long. I only have two kiddos right now ages 10 months and 2.5 years and they really keep me hopping all day long. So how do we all do it everyday? Here’s my top ten tips for keeping it all together and making my day a whole lot easier:

1-Stay organized! This has to be my number one tip. I find that when my house is a cluttered mess and their is STUFF everywhere. I tend to always be stressed and waste a lot of time looking for things. This spring I took the time to organize all my closets and even my kitchen cabinets. Now I know where everything is and everything has it’s place. We save ourselves so much time staying organized.

2-Keep to your routine. I found when my kids were young that if I kept them on a routine they were happier and my life was a whole lot easier. Now we stick to our routine like religion. Nap times always fall around the same time each day along with eating, etc. We save ourselves so much time by not fighting to get the kids to sleep,etc. because they know the daily routine.

3-Keep a calendar. A great way to stay organized it to put a dry erase calendar on your fridge. You can keep track of all the family activities, then whenever you need to know you can look. Everyone stays on the same page and everyone knows what’s going on. We use our fridge calendar everyday.

4-Freeze dinners ahead of time. I absolutely love this tip! When I make a batch of soup or gravy, I always double it and put half of it in a freezer gallon bag and pop it in the freezer. This makes for a super easy meal on busy nights. I simply pull it out in the afternoon and let it thaw, then heat it up. A yummy dinner in a matter of minutes!

5-Chart your errands. I used to run to town to do my errands and I would end up wasting so much time driving around. Now I chart where I need to go and what I need to do before I even get in the car. This way I plan my route and I save time and gas while at it. I have found it really helps us save a lot of time.

6-Set up bills for auto-pay. I used to mail out checks for each bill every month. Now I use auto pay. I get an email telling me what my bill is at and I don’t have to worry about paying it. It comes out every month on the same day. What a time saver. You can also pay your bills online. It’s quick and easy and will save a lot of time in your monthly routine.

7-Shop online. I have found that I used to run around town looking for a pair of shoes or a certain toy. Now I almost always shop online. It’s quick and easy and I usually find a coupon or two and save money while I am at it. I also love that everything gets delivered to my front door. How convenient is that. Saving money, Saving time, and not having to get out of my pajamas.

8-Chart your grocery list. I found that if I make a list of items we need according to the area of the store, I would get in and out of the grocery store 50% faster. Saving time is great in my book especially when doing daunting tasks like grocery shopping during the week.

9-Nightly ten minute rule-I instated this rule in our home a few years ago. Right before bed the hubby and I pick up the random items out on the counter and put them away. This helps our kitchen counter and floor to stay clutter free. Then the next morning we don’t wake up to a stressful mess of stuff. It has really worked and we do it daily to save time.

10-While trying to save time, make sure you take that extra time that you do save and spend it with your family and children. Nothing is better than playing outside with them, or going for a walk. If we worry about saving time and then don’t use it wisely what’s the point? Do you have any time saving tips that help keep your day stress free and easier, well for everyone? Share them with us! We can all benefit from your ideas and helpful tips. Who doesn’t want to save time? I know I do!!!

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