Preparing The Nursery For Babys Arrival

Bringing home a new baby can be a very wonderful experience. It too can be an overwhelming one. If you are pregnant, start planning the nursery now and do a little each week. That way you won’t feel overwhelmed when you bring baby home and your nursery will be ready to go. If you already have the baby home, just pick away at the project a little at a time. I have a new baby set to arrive this winter so we are starting the nursery now.

Ten tips to help you get your nursery going:

1-Purchase a crib-Make sure you take your time and check for safety features. You want your baby to come home to the best and safest crib possible.  You can do research online and learn a lot in just a few minutes. Set a budget and I am sure you will find the perfect crib for your wallet and space.

2-Closet Organization-I just love it when things are organized around my home. When I am putting together a nursery I always make sure that the closet is organized. I hang up all the little clothes and sort them along the hanging bar by size and age. I keep baskets on the floor for blankets and toys. You can even pick up a closet organizer kit at your local home do it center.

3-Baby Essentials-Always be prepared I say. Keep everything baby will need on hand, because you never know when you will need it. Thing to include: Diaper Rash Cream, Teething gel, Diapers one size up, overnight diapers, tissues, and medicine.

4-Night Lite-I found that a great item for the nursery is a nite light. When my little one stirs at night, I can go in and quickly get what I need for him/her and I don’t have to turn on bright lights that will wake them up.

5-Baby Monitor-Find a great monitor. One that will suit your family needs. We purchased a monitor that we absolutely love and can’t live without. Do a lot of research online before you buy. There are so many different versions from noise only monitors to live video monitors. You can even connect your monitor to skype and use it as a webcam to show Grandma and Grandpa how much baby is growing. With so many options out there it is best to do your research.

6-Cleaning the Carpets-I believe that having your carpets cleaned is a big MUST in my book. You want to bring baby home to a super clean nursery, free from dust and allergens. Bid out what it will cost to have a professional do it, and if that’s not within your budget rent a machine at your local store and set the hubby to work.

7-Keeping everything together-Make sure you designate a place for everything. I love using baskets in my rooms. I place them on shelves and in the closets. I even have a big one for all the toys to be put in when the kids are done playing. This helps keep everything in it’s proper place and you will be able to find it when you need it.

8-Painting or sprucing up the walls-Nothing says welcome baby that a new room. If you want to paint your nursery make sure you get a low odor safe paint from your local hardware store. Another way to spruce up your walls is with some pictures or vinyl wall art. Easy to place and if you ever move or change rooms you can easy take them down and with pictures you can take them to the next room.

9-Furniture-I used to think that I had to have every piece of furniture in place before we could possibly bring home the baby. Now, I know that’s not realistic along with the fact that it is very expensive. I suggest you purchase a bassinet that you can place in your bedroom, I found that each of my babies slept in my bedroom until around the age of 5 to 6 months old.  Then when we transitioned them into their own nursery we put up the crib and dresser. Less stress and much easier on a pregnant mama.

10-Baby proof the home-Something you will definitely want to do before you bring that adorable bundle of joy home. Purchase cover plugs and other needed baby proofing items. That way you have them on hand as baby grows and starts to get into more and more trouble around the home. Pick up small objects and put dangerous and sharp items up out of reach. You want to bring baby home to a super safe environment. Enlist help from family and friends as I am sure they will be eager to help you prepare for this momentous occasion in your life. Don’t stress either. Your little bundle won’t know if the room is properly put together and the closet is organized. Take your time and enjoy preparing for this fun event in your life.

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