Bathroom trends to watch out for in 2019

2019 will be a year high on elegance, style, and sophisticated choices when it comes to interior design. From bathroom and kitchen to your bedroom, trends change every year, and something new comes in the limelight which captures the market in a jiffy. If you are planning a bathroom renovation in the coming year, then this post will be your guiding light in making the right choice. From vanities and counter tops to flooring and wall decor, every little detail matters, especially when remodeling is in the cards. Well, without much further ado, let’s take a look at the bathroom trends for 2019 and wow ourselves. Shall we?!

Hardware should be catchy

Gone are the times when faucets and cabinet holders had no importance in the whole decor theme. However, keeping the present era in mind, hardware has a crucial role in adding character and texture to the bathroom. Industrial designs like bold faucets and an open piping system were not much appreciated last year, but 2019 will be different. Gold colored faucets and pipes or statement black and copper colours can dramatically change the way you present your bathroom, so don’t shy away and go bold this year.

It’s a single material show

Undoubtedly, different materials look great. Unique tile designs along with solid materials like marble or wood have been in use for years, and they certainly have put up a great show. However, monotonous looks are planning a comeback, with a bang! Instead of choosing different designs in tiles, stick to one particular theme and make the most of it. While on one side we see monotonous tile designs becoming popular, concrete and plaster are finding their way back in our bathrooms too, and we are excited. Put your creativity to play and show the world how such cold materials can be used to give inviting and warm feels.

Let the floors talk

Apart from hardware, the one thing which can stand out to be the signature element of your bathroom will be your flooring. Add in some accents, unique textures and functionality for a beautiful aesthetic feel. Geometric patterns add texture, and plain yet bold single shades add character to the bathroom decor, so take your pick to reinvent and let the floors do the talking for you.

Statement mirrors are in

Even though laminate kitchen benchtops and bathroom benchtops have a way of mesmerizing viewers, the impactful bold mirrors can easily become an alive decor element. From gold and material-specific mirror frames to black mirrors for an accent touch, statement mirrors pieces can alone do wonders for your bathroom decor. Also, you don’t necessarily need to opt for the expensive options as you can use your creative approach to get the work done inexpensively.

Bombastic marble shades

Can you disagree on the fact that marbles look fabulous in bathrooms? Well, no one can, and if you are a marble decor admirer, this point will make you jump with joy. 2019 will bring gorgeous marble trends with it which will amaze every person visiting your home. Accent shades are becoming a vital part of this revolutionary decor style. Green, blue, gold and black are some of the shades which will rule the industry in 2019. Use such marble tones for bathtubs and washbasin to create statements and an evergreen look.

Store and shelf smartly

Another trend that will spread like wildfire in 2019 will be smart shelving and storage. Take custom bathroom vanities for instance. Along with keeping functionality in mind, the vanity material, style and structure can all be used efficiently to reflect your personality in the bathroom decor. Use the small spaces and corners in the bathroom for efficient storage. You can also opt for open cabinets and DIY hanging baskets and shelves for a personal touch. Experiment all you want and find what works best for you.

Since you will be spending a significant sum in remodeling, make it worth your money and time with these gorgeous trends and reinvent beauty for your bathroom like never before. Good luck!


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