How Name Badges Can Benefit Students and Teachers in Schools

Name badges in schools and colleges may be a thing of the past but they definitely need to be brought back or continued. There was a reason why name badges in schools and colleges were introduced and used. There are many benefits to using name and pin badges and here are some of those to remind you again of why these are important to have in schools and colleges.

1. Easier To Identify

When it comes to identification badges, it’s always becomes easier to identify a student’s name and grade, with an ID badge. Not only does it become easier for other students to identify each other but also for the teachers to identify their students. They do not have to ask their names each time they have to call out to them and neither do the students have to wonder what their friends are called because they can just read it off of their badges.

ID badges have a lot of other benefits as well. Digital ID badges can be synced with the school’s security system marking their attendance at the entrance gate by scanning the student’s ID or it can also be used to buy lunch from the cafeteria by syncing the ID badge to the digital system in the cafeteria, if any.

2. Recognition Badges Work As A Motivator

Custom pin badges can work as great motivators for other students. If students get badges for the good work they do or any significant achievement, it will make them stand out from the rest of the batch and this will be a means of appreciation as well as motivation. Other students who do not have these badges will work and strive for it, increasing their performance and the students who are already working hard will get the due recognition they deserve. So, it’s a great method of practising positive motivation in school.

3. For the Teachers

Having ID or name badges for the teachers will make it easier for the students to identify their teachers and the hierarchy. It will also make it easier for the parents to differentiate between subject teachers, principal etc. All students may not be aware of or know all the teachers of a school, if the teachers wear a name badge, it will make it easier for the students to identify their teachers just by reading the name badge of the teacher. In some way the name badges also reinforce the authority that senior teachers have. A principal wearing the name and designation badge of a ‘principal’ will automatically hold more authority in a room than a regular, subject teacher.

4. Link Identification badges with other local benefits

There are plenty of local businesses and shops that give a discount to school and college students on their products and services. Name and ID badges is going to allow students to get these discounts and avail them easily.

5. Memorabilia

Name badges or custom medals are great memorabilia for students to cherish even after they have graduated from school or college. They can keep and collect them as souvenirs and they will be great to look at years after the students have graduated.


Name badges, medals, ID cards etc. are great ways of identifying and appreciating a student. They also give the student an identity of the institution they belong to, hence spreading the name of the institution as well. In emergencies, these badges can be very useful in helping to identify the students and contact their school immediately.

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