Pamper The Bride: Awesome Spa Activities For A Relaxing Single Life Send-off

Hen weekend trips can be tiring, isn’t it?

The stress can really dull up your face right before the big day. So, why take a chance?

You, the bride-to-be and your girls need to make every other woman jealous with beautiful dresses and pretty faces, so do something about it.

Whether you are planning a hens party in your hometown, spa activities are always a fun idea. Incorporate relaxing spa activities with the amazing drunken night scenes and adventure activities to pamper the bride on her single life send-off.

Read on to know about spa activities that will retain your glow after a tiring, adventurous hen weekend:

  • Spa and striptease

Unable to fit in a striptease in your all-packed hen weekend? Why worry when you can have the best of both worlds? Yes, y’all can enjoy a relaxing spa day and still keep it hot by calling in a stripper. As the maid-of-honour, you must plan this surprise carefully because surely your bestie won’t be expected a buffed hottie after such a relaxing spa session. Saying goodbye to toxins will never be this exhilarating. A sumptuous spa and a 6-packed male stripper can cure all hangovers and worries of life, isn’t it? Your girls will not ask for anything more! Imagine it!

  • Fish pedicure

Ever had a fish pedicure before? What about your gals? Y’all must be planning to go for traditional pedicures before the wedding day, so why not push it up a notch? Although ticklish, fish pedicures are the best way to get rid of dead skin cells. All you have to do is sit with your besties and dip your legs inside a pool full of fishes. They will eat the dead skin off your feet, and you queens will have the perfect pedicure.

  • Spa and lunch

This is a tricky spa activity because you need to find a spa which offers such an experience. Quite a handful of activities planned for the day; perfect for hen dos because it can be combined with lunch. How wonderful will it be to experience massages, facials, aromatherapy and delicious lunch? Can’t wait for it now, right? Dress yourselves in soft robes and towels, and just get on with it!

  • Facials and facials and facials

There is nothing like too many facials, right? A hens party do is all about pampering the bride, and you can plan an entire day, full of spa activities (preferably, the last day of your trip), to rejuvenate the beauty and get rid of hangover faces for good. Bring back the glow with aloe vera packs, sunburn packs, manicures, pedicures and what not! Make sure all her stress is gone, and she looks & feels terrific before her wedding day.

  • Sensual full body massage

The name gives it all, ain’t it? Book an appointment for your babes at a sensual massage parlour that specialises in sensual body massages to make sure that your bestie gets what she deserves. Y’all enjoy keeping secrets, don’t you? Why not do something crazy, and keep it a secret from the groom-to-be and everyone else? Yes, a sensual full body massage should remain between you all. Experience the fun, relaxing and an unforgettable spa session to add the missing ‘naughty’ to your hen do ideas.

Tiring the hens on the trip is what you might be aiming for! However, as exciting such activities are, you need something to calm them down and get rid of all the stress before the ultimate day. What’s better than the spa activities mentioned above? They will strengthen your bond with each other, keep y’all relaxed and lastly, keep your face fresh & lit up for the wedding day.

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