Temporary Tailor! {Hem Gems Review}

“A stylish way to temporarily adjust the length of your jeans.” Scenario:  You’ve found the most fabulous pair of jeans that fit perfectly in all the right places, however, the length works with your wedges, but are too long for your ballet flats.  Before you buy a second pair of pricy denim pants to have tailored to fit both situations, consider using Hem Gems! Hem Gems are classic style rivets, like the ones found on most denim, with a “tack” connected to the decorative face that slips into a back (sort of like a very strong earring) to hold it in place.  Here’s how they work: Simply cuff your jeans to the desired length, clutch the seam and tuck the cuff toward the inside of your pant leg.

Once you have only the hem showing, you apply the Hem Gem just above the original hem. I have a pair of skinny jeans that I love. They are comfy and worn in, however they are quite long…..just the right length for heels, however, most days when I’m running errands, I feel like casual flats.  Hem Gems to the rescue!  At first I thought it would be obvious and weird, but I found people don’t notice unless I point it out. Woohoo!… now I can avoid tearing up the hem of my jeans and create a custom length fit to my body.  I also own a pair of jeans I’m sad to say I’ve had for the better part of 10 years, and the hem line is already frayed.

Even though that sometimes fits my “look” for the day , I can now use Hem Gems to hide it by tucking the hem under and adding a rivet. I have the gold color, because it matches most of my jeans existing rivets, however, they come in silver and black too.  Here’s an idea try using Hem Gems to create summer capris! Laura Gelberg and Julia Houck-Whitaker, Hem Gems’ co-founders, came up with the product idea because of their own frustration with standard hem lengths. They found that the jeans they kept long to wear with high heels, they could not wear with flats.

After brainstorming various product concepts that would solve the problem, in early the two fashion loving girls created and fell in love with a set of tie tack like pins that allowed them to temporarily adjust the length of their jeans. Shortly thereafter, Laura had the brilliant idea to name them Hem Gems, and the product was born. Saving a few bucks by using Hem Gems to “tailor” jeans is Real Mom Recommended! I just found out on Hem Gem’s Facebook page that new styles, like a rhinestone rivet, are due out this summer!

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