Yummi Yummi {Yummi Pouch #Review}

My son loves eating solids.  He eats applesauce, yams, carrots, green beans, peaches, pears, peas, bananas….you name it!  Once he even ate beets!  He isn’t a picky eater so I can pretty much feed him anything. I love making my own baby food.  First, I think it is fun and makes me feel like a domestic goddess.  Second, I feel like my son eats healthier when I make his food.  (Maybe not be true but I feel like it does.) Third, it sure saves a pretty penny.  The only bummer part about making and freezing my own baby food is it doesn’t work really good for on the go.  So I still by pre-made containers, jar, and pouches of food. Yummi Pouch is seriously the most genius baby invention.  Created in early 2012, they provide moms and dads a reusable solution for food pouches.  Simply fill the container “with delicious homemade baby food, smoothies, and healthy blended snacks” for any kid on the go!  Put baby food in it and squeeze it out on the spoon for easy feeding.  Give it to a toddler to encourage self feeding and helping them feel like big kid.  Give it to any kiddo to keep the car from becoming filled with crumbs and other easy-to-mash-into-the-carpet kinds of foods.


These innovative pouches are freezer safe, dishwasher safe, BPA, Phthalate & PVC Free, and hold 6 ounces of yummy goodness!  They are so easy to use.  They have a press and seal zipper at the top, just open fill, seal, and eat. There is a little section on the back where you can write, with a dry erase marker, what you put inside and when.  This takes the guess work out of what you are grabbing for baby to eat and how old it is. One thing I really like about these is now I can take my son’s food out of the freezer and when he is ready to eat, it has thawed out.  I can’t do that when the containers I use now because the lids aren’t secure enough and I end up with food all over the place.  Even better, the cap seals tightly if the whole pouch isn’t finished.  You see, with the one time use pouches from the store once the lid is unscrewed there is no storing it back in the diaper bag.  Surely something will smash that pouch and you will end up with food all over everything.  (If may or may not have happened to me numerous times.)

Never again will I put my precious homemade baby food in these not-so-on-the-go containers.

Yummi Pouch even gives you recipes for homemade yumminess on their site!  I am totally trying these out.  I am sure my son gets sick of the same of stuff I make. This is not to say that you have to make your own food to go in here.  Buy unsweetened natural applesauce to put in Yummi Pouch.  Buy yogurt in bulk and take a pouch to work.  The options are endless with Yummi Pouch! The only thing that I can see that would improve these is if they could be microwaved….just in case they aren’t quite thawed out (can’t very well give baby frozen chunks of green beans)…and if the lids some how stayed attached to the pouch…meanwhile just keep little hands away from the lids so they don’t end up in their mouths.  These aren’t deal breakers though.  I can throw a frozen pouch in the fridge the morning I know I will be going somewhere so it starts to thaw out and I can keep the cap away from his hands/mouth.  So don’t not buy because of these little things. You can buy 6 pouches for $14.99!  That is a deal!  I mean 6 pouches of pre-made baby food in a non-reuseable pouch could cost anywhere around $9…especially if it is organic!  Do the smart thing and buy Yummi Pouch. Yummi Pouch is sure to save you money and mess while providing your kids, and perhaps you and your spouse, with healthy food, that may or may not have been homemade.

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