Real Moms Allergy Relief Zicam Review

Sneezing, itching watery eyes….Have your allergies started this summer?

Here at Real Moms Real Views a few of us ‘moms’ suffer from allergies and ZICAM recently sent us some of their Allergy relief products to review: ZICAM Extreme Congestion Relief and ZICAM Intense Sinus Relief. Read on to see what we think of them.Allergies were never a problem for me until I was pregnant with my daughter.  During this time I noticed having nasal congestion and drainage which I overlooked as a cold.  Turns out, every year thereafter during the same spring months I started having similar symptoms.  Who would have thought pregnancy could bring about allergies…….well, maybe it was just coincidence and perhaps I would have developed the adult onset of allergies anyway, but it is odd.  Now I keep allergy medication on hand to use when the spring season nears.  Zicam is a helpful product.  I received Zicam’s Extreme Congestion Relief nasal spray this year and it offers 12 hour non-drowsy alleviation of sinus pressure and nasal congestion by helping to shrink swollen membranes and clear my passages. Just a quick couple pumps in each nostril and I’m good to go.  I’m not a huge fan of nasal sprays, but they can be effective for more immediate relief while I’m waiting for allergy medication to kick in. ~Christina

Spring and summertime is definitely allergy season here in Texas. Everyone in my family has been suffering from some pretty nasty allergies this year; way worse than in years past. The kids seem have constant runny noses and I think I spent an entire week with an allergy related headache. No fun! My ZICAM Extreme Congestion Relief nasal spray couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time. As soon as I started using the ZICAM nasal spray I felt instant relief; mostly from the intense pressure in my sinuses. ZICAM makes it easier to breathe and keeps me from feeing too stuffy. It also doesn’t make me drowsy like some allergy medicines I have taken! The ZICAM Extreme Spray is very simple to use, too. With two to three sprays in each nostril you feel like a new person. Any time I feel my head stuffing up I quickly grab my ZICAM and get to spraying. Effects last up to 12 hours and you should only use the spray once or twice a day {not exceeding two doses in a 24 hour period}. I most definitely feel major relief from the ZICAM Extreme Congestion Relief and have been thankful to have it handy during such a rough allergy season. ~Amanda

I actually don’t suffer from allergies (thank goodness) but my hubby does. Every year they seem to hit him when we start doing outdoor spring/summer activities and once they do hit him, he is out of it. His eyes start watering uncontrollably and they itch. He will sneeze all the time, and he is stuck sitting in the house with the A/C on. Poor guy! I always feel so bad as he misses out on some fun activities due to his allergies being awful. I was recently sent a bottle of Zicam’s Intense Sinus Relief and I immediately handed it over to my hubby. I wanted him to be prepared the next time his allergies flared up. While his allergies still come on strong, he is able to fight back by using Zicam’s Intense Sinus Relief. He is able to clear his congestion and get through our events and outings. We always keep a bottle of Zicam around and he plans on going and getting allergy shots soon to try and stop his allergies all together. It’s great to know he has some form of relief until then. Thanks Zicam. Just make sure you don’t use it more than twice in a 24 hour period. ~Hollie

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