Sing Your Heart Out Frozenfunatkohls

If you have children in your home, I am sure you have all the songs from Disney’s Frozen memorized. Am I right?!? My daughter loves the music from this fabulous movie and we hear her singing it at least once per day whether in her room, bath tub, or just dancing around the house. They even play it at her dance lessons and she never tires of it. While her dad on the other hand…LOL I was inspired and touched by the film when I saw it for the first time in theatres and it is one of my top Disney favorites in our home video collection to this day. We own the DVD and watch it all the time. The musical was very inspirational and the song Let it go is one of my favorites!I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Kohl’s. I received a sample to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating.

Now’s your chance to Sing Your Heart out. Disney has teamed up with Kohl’s for a contest where you can submit your video singing Let it go and one lucky winner will win a spot in a Kohl’s holiday commercial. How fun! For all the contest rules visit this page. Get the whole family together and sing, sing solo, or video your children. While I wish I could sing, I cannot so I will leave it to all you fabulous singers out in blog land.Make sure you also check out your local Kohl’s or Kohl’s online this season as they will be featuring fun Frozen clothing from their Jumping Bean line. My daughter (and son) can’t wait!I plan on picking up some of these fun items for their upcoming birthday’s and Christmas. Anything Frozen is sure to delight these little fans. Also keep an eye out for toys and other fun Frozen themed items hitting your local Kohl’s soon! Happy shopping!

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