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Nursing my babies is such a wonderful thing.  Not only do I save a ton! but I get to have a great bond with my baby and a whole lot of snuggles.  As much as I love holding my little guy and giving him the nourishment he needs, there are those times when I can’t be there or need help from others.  If I go to work, the gym, or even to get pampered (this mommy loves her pampering time) Blake still needs to eat.  In the middle of the night when I just can’t stay awake anymore, Blake still needs to eat.  Anything I can do to help those who are helping me make feeding time easier I want to.While working with another company great for mommies I read their blog.  In doing so I discovered a product I knew I needed to learn more about.  Yoomi  is a “3-in-1 feeding system is a premium easi-latch bottle, a travel warmer and a bedside warmer in one compact and stylish package.”  With just the touch of a button you can warm breastmilk or formula to the perfect temperature for baby.  No more warming under hot water.  No more too hot or too cold liquid.  No more listening to baby cry while you work fast to get the temperature just right.

I received the 8 oz. Yoomi Feeding System (pictured above) and an additional warming pod to try out and introduce to you.  Let’s break down each piece and what they do.First things first….the bottle.  This is an 8 oz. bottle is perfect for bottle only, combination feeding or transitioning from breast to bottle.  The nipple is naturally shaped to help baby latch on easily and is slow flow, helping baby be able to transition back to nipple if desired.  It also has a “unique 6 anti-colic vent system for less colic”.  I love bottles like this….wide necked.  It makes it easy to fill and easy to clean.  This bottle can be used alone or with the rest of the yoomi system.  Individually this bottle sells for $10.95.Next up is the warmer.  The warmer is what makes the yoomi system.  “At the touch of a button, yoomi warms baby’s milk to the natural temperature of breastmilk in just 60 seconds, making feeding simpler whether at home or on the go.”  It is just that easy to use.  Touch the button.  The warmer is activated.  As the liquid travels down the external channels it warms up and it is natural breastmilk temperature (32-34ºC).  Recharge the warmer between each use.  In just about 2 minutes in the microwave the warmer is charged and ready to be used again.  The warmer will keep baby’s food the perfect temperature for up to 1 hour.  Each warmer lasts up to 150 feeds and sells individually for $21.95

Lastly is the pod.  The pod recharges in the warmer in the microwave.  Simple place the warmer in the pod and lock the latches.  Then using the “heat-shake, heat-shake method” the warmer is recharged and ready to use in just about 2 minutes.  The pod will also keep the warmer clean and safe in between uses.  The pod sells individually for $7.75.Individually these pieces total $40.65 but when you buy the 8 oz. Feeding System it only costs $32.95.I have recently used the Yoomi in the morning after baby slept throughout the night.  Since we hadn’t woken up in the middle of the night I was busting at the seams but baby was still sleeping.  I quickly pumped and stuck my milk in the fridge.  When baby woke up I grabbed the bottle from the fridge.  I pressed the button, waited 30 seconds for the pod to get warm, turned it upside down (with the lid on), and waited another 30 seconds.  This allowed the milk to get warm before baby started drinking.Blake normally fusses a lot when he is forced to drink from a bottle.  When I leave him with someone and tell them about bottle feeding I usually say things like, “If he sounds like he is drowning, he is.  Take the bottle out and give him a second to catch up.”  and “He will fuss a bunch but don’t give up.  He just isn’t used to it.”  When I fed him with the yoomi bottle and warmer pod he didn’t fuss one bit.  In fact, he stopped in the middle of drinking to give me an approving smile.  He never sounded like he was drowning either.  He just ate as if he was nursing.  He loved it!!

I found that for me the best way to recharge the warmer was to boil it.  It is really simple just a little more time consuming than the microwave recharge method.  I just couldn’t figure out the microwave method.  Maybe it is my microwave.  Maybe it is me.  Maybe it is the high altitude of Utah  (I live at 4,774 feet above sea level).  Whatever the reason, boiling worked best for me.  You just boil water, place the warmer in the water on it’s side, and boil for 30 minutes.  Then you can either let it cool at room temperature for 75 minutes or place it in a cool water bath for 20 minutes to cool faster.Yoomi wants you to get their product in your hand and fall in love with it like I have.  They are offering Real Moms Real Views readers a 15% discount off your total order.  Simply use the code MODERNMUMMY at checkout.

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