School is around the corner, y’all. It’s so hard to think about, but I just know it’s coming…I can feel it. I really do love a new school year; a fresh start and everyone is so excited. I plan on sending my kiddos to school with healthy lunches daily. They both love taking their lunch…and not because I make them. Ava bought school lunch once, hated it, and has never asked to buy it again. I love that I know what she likes and can pack a healthy, nourishing lunch to get her energy back up mid-day. PlanetBox is such a fantastic lunchbox designed specifically for packing well-balanced meals without any baggies! Last year I shared about the Shuttle and this year I am so excited to share the PlanetBox Rover!PlanetBox is the smart lunchbox that guides you in packing a well-balanced meal quickly and easily. Part bento box, part TV dinner tray, our segmented containers are the best way to pack delicious, no waste meals for school, work, or on the go. Not your old fashioned metal lunch box, PlanetBox is truly lunch transportation for the green generation. ~ Planet Box

I was thrilled to receive the PlanetBox Rover! It is a fantastic metal lunch tray with several separated compartments that hold nearly 4.5 cups of food! The Design is awesome and the set comes complete with the Big Dipper and Little Dipper containers for wet and messy foods, fun magnets to choose from to decorate your tray, and a sturdy carry bag for easy transport available in a variety of awesome colors. Ava will most definitely be using the PlanetBox Rover this year. Both of my kids love healthy foods, but Ava is especially healthy. I will be able to give her a nice sampler of fruits, veggies, and even chips with her sandwich in this lunchbox. I love that the tray is designed with several compartments that keep food separated and organized while being toted to and from school. By investing in a PlanetBox Rover you eliminate the need for any baggies or containers {other than the included dippers}. It makes packing a lunch so much simpler and eco-friendly as well. Ava can’t wait to use the Rover and absolutely loves the Retro Kitty Magnets that were included. They really add style and personality to the metal tray. The PlanetBox Rover is a fantastic lunchbox that your kids will love!

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