Rest In Peace Literally

One of my biggest fears as a mother is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  SIDS effects 1 in 1,500 babies.  Although thankfully this number is getting smaller, 1 in 1,500 still scares me.  Because of this fear I sleep very lightly and frequently check on my boys.  A good night’s sleep is a thing of the past….or at least it was until about 2 weeks ago.Snuza is an amazing company that has developed “innovative, safe and easy to use products that enable today’s parents to care for their children more effectively.”  They have a range of products that will help parents get a good nights rest knowing their baby is sleep safe and sound.I received the Snuza Hero to try out.  The Snuza Hero is a cordless baby monitor.  It slips right on baby’s diaper and monitors movement, even the very slightest of all movements.  If your baby’s movements are very weak or fall to less than 8 movements per minute, mom and dad will be alerted.  “If no abdominal movement is detected at all for a period of 15 seconds, Hero will vibrate gently. Often this vibration is enough to rouse the baby.”  If baby didn’t respond to these vibrations within 5 seconds an audible alarm will go off to alert you.  If baby responds to the vibration but then goes another 15 seconds without movement the Snuza will alert you.

I LOVE the Snuza Hero.  It is so simple to use and gives me such peace of mind.  I don’t feel like I need to keep waking up and checking on my son.  I have the reassurance that if my child were to stop breathing I am going to be alerted within 60 seconds.  We use this every night and at naptime.  It can be used all day every day if you would like.  It can be used on the go or at home.The purple sensor tip that touches baby’s belly is soft and flexible.  This makes it so wearing the Snuza isn’t uncomfortable.  Baby won’t even know he is wearing it.  The light flashes green to indicate movement.  It will flash orange when the movements are very small or weak (very shallow breathing).  It will flash red if there has been at least one incident of no movement for 15 seconds but movement has detected again after the vibration.
There are two times the alarm will go off:-If there isn’t any movement for 15 seconds it vibrates.  If after 5 seconds baby doesn’t respond to the vibration you get 4 beeps every second.-If there isn’t any movement for 15 seconds it vibrates.  If baby responds to the vibration but goes another 15 seconds without movement it vibrates again.  If baby responds the second time but goes a 3rd 15 seconds without movement it will vibrate a third time.  If baby responds again a single beep every two seconds will go off.These alarms are loud enough to wake you up in your sleep.  If baby is sleeping in a different room you can use the Snuza with a sound monitor to ensure that you will hear the alarm from another part of the house.  If you prefer, there is a setting that makes the Snuza ‘tick’ with every movement.  This allows you to hear each movement.  This is a good feature for parents who need extra reassurance that the Snuza is working.

I have made a video so you can see how it works:

Is this great!?  90% of SIDS cases affect babies younger than 6 months.  This can be used throughout that entire time.  Once baby becomes mobile at night Snuza Hero moves with him.  You don’t have to worry about baby rolling off the monitor pad under the mattress like you do with other movement monitors.
I recommend anyone with a new baby own a Snuza Hero.Snuza Hero’s retail between $99.99 and $129.99.  Although they are more expensive than just a sound monitor you can have the reassurance that your baby is still moving.  With sound monitors you only know if your baby is making noise.  With video monitors you only know if your baby is moving big enough you can see.  With Snuza you know if your baby is breathing.  It catches the slight abdominal movements and alerts you when they aren’t moving.  It goes above and beyond any other monitor!  Get one for yourself or give the best gift a new parent can receive!

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