New Year New You

At the beginning of every year most Americans make some kind of resolution or goal.  Last year my resolution was to lose 50 lbs.  Some may say that was a bit lofty but that is what I chose for myself.  I wanted to be healthier.  I wanted to feel good.  I wanted to look good.  I wanted to enjoy getting dressed again.  I worked hard and I did it!  I am not saying it was easy but it sure was worth it! This year my goal is to walk, jog, or run 500 miles in one year.  This roughly translated to 2 miles 5 days a week.  Not too tough right?!  Well I am pregnant so that may slow things down for a bit.  Until it does though, I am working out and hitting the gym like I have been in the last year.  (Of course I am only doing what it healthy and okay for the baby.)  I get sweaty when I work out but that doesn’t mean I have to look ugly too.  Cute gym clothes are a must!

Onzie is just the place to go to turn your workout clothes from drab to fab!  “Onzie blends the best of traditional yoga wear with modern innovation and a touch of whimsy” creating “active apparel that is functional, flexible and flattering.”  Those are three f words I like!  Functional workout wear is important because it makes working out easier and less of a hassle.  Workout clothes need to be flexible because you are moving like crazy!  Squating, running, stretching are tough things to do in stiff clothes.  Without flattering clothes you aren’t going to want to go to the gym, a place with TONS of mirrors.  You need to look good on the outside while you are working on feeling good on the inside.

Onzie sent me some KILLER capris!!!  I am not even kidding you.  These things ROCK!  When I received the package I was dressed and headed out the door to hit up a Turbo Kickbox class.  I saw what was inside and had to go back inside and change.  Who cares if I was a little late, I was looking hot!  In fact, I loved them so much I Instagramed a picture on the way to the gym and as soon as I got home.  I had to show these new loves off! These are the Onzie Capri Pant in Skull.  They are made out of 80% nylon and 20% spandex.  To me, it is almost like swimsuit material.  They are slick not matte like cotton.

They are not see through at all!  A MUST!  (Could you imagine doing squats in see though pants?!  YIKES!)  I am a size 12-14 and ordered the L/L.  When I was bigger there is no way I would wear this size.  They are low waisted which, for me, would have cut in and gave me a gut roll….therefore I wouldn’t have worn them.  They would have stretched to fit my legs though…the skulls may have just been a little misshaped.  All in all I wouldn’t recommend these pants for waists much larger than 36″.  Stick to the Onzie size guide and you will love them like I do! don’t mind my 12 week baby bump. I just wanted to show you want the waist band looks like and where it sits. I also received the Onzie Capri in Cheetah.  These are also sooooo cute!  I Instagramed a picture of me in these for my first workout of the new year.

These are made of the same material and are just as soft and as comfy as the skull.  Like the skull, I can wear any color of top with it and they look great! the butt picture is to prove that they aren’t see through….even with bright colored underwear on! After washing these pants I would dare say they are even softer and more comfortable!  These are seriously so fun and stylish how could you not want to go to the gym and show them off?!  These currently retail for $56 and if you can’t tell, they are worth every penny!! Now, I have my eye on the All in One Tank in Santa Fe.  Don’t you think this top would be awesome to disguise a baby bump a little longer?

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