Breathable Crib Bumper

My little guy is a little over a year now and he loves his crib! I can’t get him to sleep anywhere as good as he sleeps in his crib. He still tosses and turns, flips around, and moves from end to end and I used to be worried that in all that moving around that he would get his little arms or legs stuck in the slats of the crib. That was until I was given the opportunity to do this review on  Ubimed’s  LifeNest Breathable Crib Bumper. The LifeNest Breathable Crib Bumper was designed by a doctor to help prevent these kind of injuries and others like head injuries from hitting the headboard or side rails. They are extremly soft and GreenGuard certified meaning it is made from a hospital grade non-toxic material. It also fits very secure to the sides of my crib. I had a regular crib bumper that came with his crib set you know the thick padded ones. I had it on his crib but now that he is mobile through out the night I was worried about the risk of suffication from him putting his face to close to  the bumper.  Ubimed’s LifeNest Breathable Crib Bumper gives me piece of mind at night so I no longer have to keep getting up to check on him. Their Breathable Crib Bumper is great because it is made of a mesh material that allows airflow so that even if he does get caught against it then he will still be able to breath.


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