Mommy And Me Jeans

My daughter Mia is 7 and loves to wear her super-uber skinny jeans as she likes to call them.  They look absolutely darling on her, too.  Me on the other hand, skinny jeans are not an easy thing for me.  I feel like they look good on other people, but have a hard time feeling comfortable in them.  All 3 of my girls love skinny jeans and rock them!  I am not that confident!Mia and I were lucky enough to get to get the chance to rock some skinnies together.  That’s right, Mommy and Me skinny jeans.  Jordache sent us each a pair to try out.  Mine are Jordache’s Woman’s Super Skinny Denim Jeggings.  They are darling!  I was super nervous at first to even try them on.  I held them up to myself and rethought this review.  I was shocked at the amount of stretch they had to them.  They aren’t like jeans that are just cut skinny, but they have a a ton of stretch to them.  They are soft, too.  I love that jeans can be worn is a number of different ways.  I like to pair mine with boots.  Not just knee high boots, but snow boots, heeled boots, rain boots.  The legs are skinny enough from that you shouldn’t have any trouble getting them into your boots.  They also look cute rolled up with tennies or flip flops (when the weather is nice enough to wear them again).  If you were a heels and skinnies gal, these would be perfect- I am just not that brave yet.

Mia, on the other hand, loves skinny jeans and it is about all she will wear.  She had no trouble jumping into her new jeans.  She was more than happy to try on her new skinnies.  Jordache sent her these little beauties.  She loves to wear them with just about anything.  She likes to wear them with hoodies, tunics, and tees.  Boots, sandals, or slippers–they just work!  The little girls jeans don’t seem to have as much stretch as the ladies.  They are more of skinny jeans than jeggings.  She likes that they fit her perfectly and that they are darling on her!I was very impressed with how well both pairs washed.  I hate when jeans are all hard and crispy right after they have been washed.  Both pair came out so soft.  Neither one seemed to have shrunk or gotten tighter.  They came out just like they went in, only smelling better.
My favorite part of Jordache’s Mommy and Me jeans is the price.  In the past I have paid a pretty penny for my jeans.  Jordache doesn’t require that!  Both pairs for less that $25!  What?!  Two pair of jeans for $25?!  You have got to be kidding, right?  Nope.  Gets better, you can find them at Walmart!  Next time you are out running errands or grocery shopping, you can grab a new pair of jeans for you and your little lady.  You will be sure to love them, just like Mia and I have!

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