Made With Love Imprints

As a mom I’m always looking for a way to keep my kids  from growing up too quickly. Even though my boys are still only 1yr. and 3yrs. I’m always worried I’m not taking enough time to appreciate all of the little milestones like growing hands and feet  and not just the big ones. Well Made with Love Imprints has come up with the perfect way to keep a part of your children frozen in time! With their 3d Ceramic Imprint Plaque I will always have my little boys hands and feet to cherish. Making the plaque is very simple. I went to their website and they have a very large variety of plaques and ornaments to choose from.

You can choose to make one for a single child or for multiple children on the same plaque or in a chain. They even have plaques for your furry kids! Once I decided the kind of plaque I wanted I chose the font, colors and any other stamps I wanted around the impressions. They have a wide range of options to choose from that makes it very easy to customize your plaque to you and your child. After you have designed and paid for your plaque they will send you a kit of molding clay that comes in separate bags for each hand or foot you chose to imprint. All you have to do is flatten the clay on the piece of cardboard and evenly place your child’s hand or foot into the clay and make sure that it leaves a deep impression. The best part is if you have a little squirmer like my son that doesn’t like to sit still and you don’t get it right the first time all you have to do is roll the clay back into a ball and flatten it again to start over. Once you are happy with your impression you slide the cardboard back into the bag with the clay laying flat, stick it back into the box they shipped it to you in and send it back in the mail. It takes about 7-8 weeks to make these precious keepsakes but believe me it is well worth the wait!

When we received our plaque back I was a little worried about the condition it would be in after a long  journey in the mail but it arrived completely perfect all wrapped in bubble wrap to keep it safe. The team at Made with Love Imprints did an amazing job. I love the way it turned out! It was bittersweet to put my sons hands on the impressions because they had already gotten bigger but I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to do this review so that I will always have his little hands and feet  to hold on Made With Love Imprints  is an amazing company! They started a program called the” Child Warrior Program” that gives back to families that are going through the most difficult time of having an ill child. Each month a child is nominated from hospitals all over to receive their own free ceramic plaque. For some of these families it provides great comfort in knowing that they will have a piece of their child to cherish. To find out more about Made with Love Imprints or get your own customized  plaque just go to You can also find them on Pintrest, Facebook or Twitter.


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