Love Zelf

I am a child of the 80′s.  I grew up listening to cassette tapes on my Walkman, doing Picture Pages, and braiding the hair on my huge Barbie head.  I know, that dates me.  One toy I always loved in the 80′s was a Troll Doll.  Remember those?  They were a creepy naked little guys, who had little butt cheeks, and hair that stood up on end.  You could blow it, twist it, and make it poof.  They were always fun to play with.  Like everything else, the Troll has been reborn….this time much cuter!!  Mia was sent one of these darling little guys to hang out with.  The new and better version is called a Zelf.

As soon as Mia opened the package, she wanted to play with her new friend.  We were headed to a softball game, and the Zelf had to come with us.  Mia showed her off to hall of her friends.  She did one hair do after another.  She loved to wave her in the air and let her hair fly everywhere.  She thought her Zelf was awesome!These cute little Zelf’s would be a perfect gift for a birthday or even a fun stocking stuffer-for those of you who are already planning ahead!

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