Playing Together Intelaio

With a new baby here, I have had to stretch my time between four kids and a full time job. Boy! It’s hard! I try to plan dates with each child throughout the month so we can have time to bond and just talk. My kids really enjoy playing pretend right now and we have a play kitchen that they love working in. They make me fun meals and they even name their cafe after themselves. They also love anything tech. From their tablets to my cell phone they love the opportunity to play. That’s why my Dell Foxglove is awesome. It let’s up spend time together! I am amazed at this generation. My three year old knows how to use my smart phone better than I do. LOL There have been times he will do something and I have no clue how he did it. I will ask him to show me and he does. It’s crazy as no one taught him, he just gets it.

He even knows how to use my Dell better than me. He can move through screens and swipes all around before I can even catch up to what he is doing.   I have tried to embrace this ‘tech’ generation because at first I was worried about it. I have embraced it more now as my children are getting older and I do set limits on the amount of time my kids can play video games and on their tablets. I highly encourage that they use their minds to explore and imagine in daily play whether it be playing dress up in super hero capes or having a tea party with their sister. While my time is limited, I love that we can find fun ways to play together. Whether playing barbies and dress up to playing games together on my Dell Foxglove. We are together! Having fun and just enjoying every moment I get with my kids. We purchased the game Tim the Fox. My children love dressing Tim and even feeding him. I love that there are so many games out there that are education and working their minds as they play. They love every second they get with mom and I love that we can learn while playing together. Next on my list is building a fort with kids and having a movie night inside while watching a fun family movie on the Dell Foxglove!

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