Hot Mama

Nursing is important to me.  Not only do I want to provide my child with the best while bonding with baby but formula is just plain expensive.  The only bummer part about nursing is  I just don’t feel sexy.  Big, plain bras and an ever changing chest doesn’t really scream hottie.  Does anyone else feel my pain?  I mean after baby is already hard enough but no one wants to feel like Big Frumpy Betty for the next 12 months or so.Hotmilk is lingerie designed specifically for the maternity and nursing stages of life.  Hotmilk is out to change the vision of maternity and nursing lingerie by revealing the sexy woman inside the loving mother.  They are the leading brand of beautiful nursing bras and maternity lingerie, currently sold in over 50 countries around the globe.Hotmilk sent me the First Light Nursing Bra.  This nursing bra is an ivory color which is great for everyday wear.  It is a non-wired bra with a soft cup.  It is 100% cotton and breaths great–perfect for those post baby hot flashes.  The top of the cup is stretchy to allow growth for your changing chest.  It features a drop down cup that can easily be undone with one hand.

Normally I am not a fan of non-wired bras…especially when my girls are the size they are while nursing.  However, this bra gave me the support they needed.  I didn’t look saggy and sad like more non-wired bras do to me.  It is a very comfortable bra.  There are 6 claps in the back to allow for rib cage changes as well as tightening the bra as it wears.The top is accented with lace and some little rhinestones to make me feel sexier than just a plain bra.  The straps are wider than a normal bra, a feature that goes along with the bigger cup sizes.While I do like this bra, it is definitely a thick shirt bra.  This bra can only be worn under textured shirts, sweatshirts, and sweaters.  Let me show you why.The top is a textured shirt and you can’t see the bra at all.  The bottom is a cotton tee and HELLO BRA!  You can see the seams that go across the chest and the little bow between the cups.  Woomp!  Woomp!  I was a little sad about this because on the Hotmilk website it says this bra is “based on the best selling Luminous nursing bra but with a smoother profile”.  I wouldn’t say this is a very smooth profile….or at least not on me!  Even though it can not be worn with thin or tighter shirts I will still wear it.  Just like having a black, bright pink, or floral bra I will have to pick and choose what I can wear this bra under.The First Light Nursing Bra retails for $39.90 and is available in cup sizes B-H and band sizes 32-42.

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