Look Good Feel Good

After having a baby it is really important that a mom look good.  Not because they need to be vain or because they need to bounce back quickly.  They need to look good because when you do you feel good.  If you look frumpy dumpy chances are you are going to feel crummy.  If you look cute most likely you are going to feel pretty spectacular.  The trick is looking good without spending tons of time on yourself…you have a new baby after all.Figure 8 Maternity strives to bring moms a “fabulous collection of clothes that’ll keep up with you through pregnancy and nursing and transition, clothes that look and feel so amazing you’d love to wear even if you weren’t pregnant.”  They work hard to bring moms the style, comfort, quality, and service we all want.Figure 8 Maternity sent me THE CUTEST nursing tunic!  Let me introduce you to The Simone Nursing Tunic by Majamas.  This top is 95% Modal and 5% Spandex…this results is buttery soft material.  It gives you the look of a sweater without the thickness and tons of added warmth.  This is not to say that this is not meant for the cold…it is!  You just aren’t going to overheat in it.  This makes it perfect for ever changing post baby hormones as well as being able to wear it inside.

This black and grey tunic is the perfect length to wear with leggings or skinny jeans.  It covers the booty but doesn’t look like you are wearing a dress that is too short to be worn as a dress.  It definitely looks like a top.  I can’t wait for the Utah weather to get just a little chiller so I can pair this with leggings and boots!  This is going to be a well worn top for sure.Another reason why I love this top so much is that it is designed for nursing. With nursing tops you don’t have to lift the bottom of them up to feed baby.  No more hanging out skin, readjusting your clothes, or covering up.  With a nursing top like this one you have easy access and can cover almost all of your skin while you are nursing.  It doesn’t look like a nursing top though so I will be wearing this past the nursing stage.This top retails for $74.50 but right now you can get 15% off on all Majamas collection with coupon code Majamas15Off. That makes this top $63.32.  This Majamas promotion ends on 10/6.  There are a bunch of cute Majamas items so check them all out.  Majamas is made in the USA and is a green company!

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