Keep Your Pants Off The Ground

Beckham is a pretty skinny little kid.  He just went in for his 2 year appointment and he is in the 22nd percentile for weight.  I think if they did waist measurements he would be in the 3rd.  LOL  That kid is so little I had him in a 12-18 month outfit the other day and it fit him just great.  2T pants fall right off him.  The problem with 2T falling off of him is 18-24 month pants are too short on him.  He is in the 63rd percentile for height.  A lot of brands don’t do adjustable waistbands until 3T or 4T.  Also, there are a lot of pants that have a drawstring…or at least they look like they do.  Yeah!  They have the drawstring look but not an actual drawstring.  Not helpful.  We have even tried the roll-the-waistband-down trick…well you can see how well that works.  This kid STILL crawls, walks, and jumps right out of his pants.

Now as adults when we can’t keep our pants up what do we do?  Wear a belt!  But do you know how hard it is to find cool, stylish belts for little ones.  I have only been able to find a plain black braided belt and a plain brown leather belt…both cheap…looking and quality.  Talk about frustrating!  Who wants to put their kid in a super cute outfit and either have their pants always falling off of them or looking like a dork for wearing a grandpa belt?  Not me!Thank goodness for Tailored and Polished!!  Tailored and Polished specialized in trendy jewelry for women and fun and fashionable belts for kids.  In this fun Etsy store you will find cool, colorful, and high quality belts for your little ones.  These aren’t your grandpa’s belts.  These are cool, eye catching, and best yet, will keep your kids pants up!  Plus, they are available with a D ring or for the more independent a velcro enclosure.

Beckham received two cool belts.  First he received the Geometric Shapes belt.  This cool belt is 3 different shades of blue and a yellow-green.  So fun and goes with so much!  It is made from a cotton fabric over a cotton webbing.  The webbing will help the belt keep it shape wear after wear after wear.  This is a high quality belt!!   We chose the D ring and the medium 2-3T size.  We could have gone with the small 12-24 month size but I wanted it to last longer since I don’t foresee pants staying up on their own anytime soon.  The nice thing is the bigger size didn’t mean we have tons of extra belt dangling down.  It is perfect!!  This belt currently retails for $14.99.Beckham also received the Red, White, and Navy Nautical Striped Belt.  This fun, patriotic belt is great not only for summer but for tons of basic outfits.   This is cool but not too distracting.  He wore this with a pair of jeans to his gymnastics class.  I figured if there was a place to put keeping pants up to the test it would be gymnastics and during super hero week.  Not only is he running, somersaulting, and crawling over and under things, he gets to jump on trampolines.  He has been known to jump right out of his pants before.  But not when he is wearing a Tailored and Polished belt!  This belt is made from a 1″ cotton webbing with a 7/8″ ribbon sewn on top.  Again we went with the D ring and a medium.  This belt currently retails for $10.99.

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