Keep Your Paintbrush Wet During Breaks

It’s no secret I love to paint.  I’ve shared with y’all before how I love to design/re-decorate.  I’ve painted furniture, accessories, and my girls bedrooms (…..3&4 times each in the last decade!).  Right now I’m painting my dining room chairs.  A total labor of love since there are 8 of them.  Honestly I don’t know what I got myself into because it has been hard to find the time to work on it.  Each chair takes two coats of Annie Sloan Paint, glaze on the seat and finally waxing…..about 3 hours each.  I sneak an hour in here and there, but that has meant trying to keep my brushes wet rather than washing them every time I take a break.  Until I learned of The Paint Brush Cover, I used plastic baggies to contain my brushes.

The Paint Brush Cover is a genius way to keep your paint brushes wet between coats of paint or when taking an extended break during your painting project.  The Paint Brush Cover fits 1/2″ to 3″ brushes in its lidded plastic container.  There is an opening at one end for the brush handle with foam inserted around the opening for an airtight seal.  My favorite brush actually doesn’t have a big handle, so I wasn’t sure it would work with The Paint Brush Cover, however, I snugly pressed my handle into the foam and it worked like a charm.  Although this is probably not the best practice, I kept my paint brush in the container for 5 days and it was still wet with paint when I opened it back up!  According to an independent lab test The Paint Brush Cover can keep brushes wet for up to 30 days!!This is my kind of product.  It forgives when life gets randomly busy.  I don’t have to take the extra time to wash my brushes and then wait for them to dry before the next use, which could be an hour later or 5 days later.  The Paint Roller Cover is another reliable product when you are using a roller to paint.  I’m definitely using this the next time I paint my daughters rooms!

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