What Should Your Home Inspection Report Tell You

Florida regulates home inspectors. Home inspectors must follow the Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors. The inspection includes a visual inspection and assessment of the primary building components, including the electrical, plumbing, exterior, roof, built in appliances, and any site conditions that could affect the structure. The inspector must determine if the components are functional or in need of repair. This information is useful but it doesn’t limit your creativity.
Home Inspection Jacksonville is designed to provide a general overview about the condition of the main components of the house you are considering buying. The home inspection is not intended to reveal every flaw or blemish.

Home inspectors are not experts in any trade and are not licensed to report on structural problems, geotechnical, or environmental concerns. They are also not allowed to give opinions on these matters unless they have been licensed.

A home inspector will provide a comprehensive overview of the condition and health of the main components of your home. Experience and qualifications are the most important things to consider when hiring a home inspection. A home inspector must be experienced, licensed in a state, and able to provide detailed information about the property.

Home Inspection Reports
The roof’s general condition, age as reported in the last building permit and opinion on repairs/replacement.

A description of the general condition of your windows, and a recommendation for repairs/replacement.

A general assessment of the HVAC system. Also, an opinion on whether repairs or replacements are necessary.

There are many signs that structural problems may exist, such as foundation failure, wall/floor deflection, wind uplift, and wall/floor deflection.

Plumbing that is old or damaged.

Panels or wiring that is out of date.

Exterior wall trim and cladding can sustain moisture damage/wood decay.

Concerns regarding stucco and stone/brick veneer siding
Evidence of termite infestation or damage.

Evidence of rodent infestation

Poor grading and trees in direct contact with the structure are some of the site conditions.
These are the most critical report items for a home inspection. They are also the most costly to repair.

Even a professional home inspector won’t be able provide all the information needed because their license doesn’t allow them. A Pest Control license is required in Florida to inspect for termites, rodents, and wood-destroying organisms (WDO). Although the home inspector may be able to provide an opinion on rodents and other problems, they will not have access to a third-party-WDO inspection card. The WDO inspection is not covered by the subcontract of the home inspector. The home inspector must also have a Mold Assessor license. If mold is found, they cannot give an opinion. A few home inspectors have the qualifications to inspect stucco and stone/brick veneer siding.

Many home inspectors will tell you that something is wrong and you should have it inspected by a licensed professional. However, in today’s market, you might not have the time or want to pay additional inspection fees. A stucco inspection will cost you more than the home inspector.

Florida Home Inspectors Should Have Certifications and Licenses

A home inspector license.

A Builder or General license.

A Pest Control Operators License (for general pests or wood-destroying organisms).

Mold Assessor license.

EDI Level II EIFS/Stucco Inspection Certificate

Be a certified residential thermographer.

The National Swimming Pool Foundation will make you a certified pool/spa operator.

These credentials can save you both time and money. Although you may pay more upfront than the less qualified inspector, it is almost always worth it to save money on any additional fees if the inspector recommends that you have the roof, stucco, windows, AC system, rodents and mold evaluated by another licensed professional.



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