High Tech Hyration- Vapur Anti-Bottle Review {Summer 2012 Event}

Hello summer!!! I don’t know about ya’ll, but it is HOT here in my neck of the woods. We have been having over 100 degree days for almost a week now, with no end in sight. Wev’e basically been hiding indoors all day, running from the car to the AC as fast as we can. I swear I feel like a Popsicle when I’m outside. One or two minutes, and I start to melt! My poor little guy has been confined to the house too. We lack pretty much any shade in our back yard, so he’s been having to stay inside. I’m working on getting a big umbrella for the back yard! With all this heat, we are being extra careful about staying hydrated. I always pack a water bottle with me, and with also at least 2 sippys for my peanut, but all this heat requires extra.

Recently, I was generously given the opportunity to try an awesome water “container” from Vapur. This is no ordinary water bottle… in fact, it’s kind of the opposite, the “anti-bottle. This revolutionary new handheld hydration product is re-usable, washable, freezable, attachable and fold-able. Yes you can actually fold this baby up when it’s empty and store it in your pocket!! Now how’s that for convenience during airport security! Vapur is the brainchild of 3 ingenious guys who were sick of carrying around empty water bottles during activities and who also wanted a more environmentally friendly alternative to all those empty bottles.

The Vapur original “Reflex” is available in .4 and .5 liters. The .4 liters is perfect for little kiddos, although my little guy handles my .5 great and absolutely LOVES drinking out of it! Here’s a little more about this awesome container and it’s sister style, the “Element.” The “Reflex” Great for the entire family is Vapur’s Anti-Bottle, which is a fold-able, reusable, freezable, and attachable alternative to disposable water bottles… not to mention it is also dishwasher safe.  VapurAnti-Bottles are 100% BPA free and 100% made in the USA.  The new Element, new this spring, is the first Anti-Bottle available in larger sizes (.7L and 1L), designed to meet the greater hydration demands of the active outdoor enthusiast.

Additionally, the Element is equipped with a new wide mouth Supercap for greater gulp-ability and a stronger, integrated attachment clip that allows the Element to hang on in the cockpit during high adventure and in variable terrain.  When the bottle is empty, it can fold to fit into the pocket of your backpack (or purse!). The light weight, flexibility and versatility of the fold-able bottle make the Element a great companion! MSRP $11.99/$13.99. Additionally, the Original Anti-bottles  Relflex’ come in .4L and .5L sizes (the smaller one is great for smaller hands), and include the same great features as the Element, but with a traditional cap and different fun and unique designs. (MSRP $15.99 for set of two .4L and $9.99 for one .5L).

Here’s what a few of the other Real Mom gals had to say about their Vapurs:

I love my new Vapur Anti Water Bottle. They couldn’t be more convenient with kids. I am able to fill them up and even freeze water in them, then when we are out and about running errands and they run dry, I simply roll them up and put them in the diaper bag. No bulky bottle to lug around all day and my kids love them too! Thanks Vapur for coming up with a brilliant product!  They are perfect for any activity or trip and I highly recommend them to all moms!

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