Hapari Heaven Hapari Swimsuit Giveaway

Here is a sad, sad secret in my life…one I am not proud to admit.  I will only go swimsuit shopping with someone who will look wosre than I do when they put on the exact same suit I just had on.  That is the truth!  Who wants to go with someone who will always show them up?  I have had four kids (including twins…holy strech marks!) and I don’t have a teenage body anymore.  Ugh!  Thanks for letting me get that off my chest before I dazzle you with swimsuit incredibleness if that is even a word. In all honsety, swimsuit shopping hasn’t ever been something I love to do.  I hadn’t ever bought one off line because I have always felt like “they look good on the model but will look totally differant on a real person.”  So, I go to the store, clean out the rack getting 4 of every suit I like cuz you need one in every size…why can’t we just use a waist measement as a size like men?!  So this was a first all around for me.  I hopped on Hapari’s web site (Hapari.com) and was immediatly in love.

There are so many prints, colors and styles to choose from.  My favorite part was that the tankinis were long enough to hide my “mom” tummy.  After hours, yes…really hours, of trying to deside which suit I liked best, I came up with my #1 choice for a top.  Since tops and bottoms are sold seperatly, I got to mix and match to find my ideal suit in my perfect size.  Here is what I went with…the top is called Metro S.O.S. Tankini (with brown trim) and the bottoms are the Brown and White Poka Dot Bottoms.  I know, it is a little hard to imagaine how cute they really are just by looking at a picture on your compute screen, but when I got them…oh snap girls!  They are so cute!  The top was even “husband approved.” That has been a challenge for me to find a suit that the hubby approved of due to lack of coverage for “the girls”.

This one was pererct!  That is another reason I love Hapari, they have a few differant styles in the same fabric so you can get the one that is just right for you.  The sizing, I felt was very true to size.  They have a great sizing chart on the site that gives you great idea of what size you should order.  Mine fit perfectly!  I will admit, I had a little sticker shock at first, but then it hit me!  I have been buying “cheap suits” spending $40 a suit and by then end of the year the butt is all sagging, the color is faded, and the top no longer has any shape left.  So, the next year I go through the horror of shopping again and getting another “cheap suit”.  Here is the all time fix.  Pay a little more for quality.  And this is serious quiality, ladies!  That is a hard lesson for me to learn!  But this time…totally worth every penny!  Infact, a few days  later, I went back to the site and added another top!  It looks dang cute with the pokadot bottoms, too! Be sure to check out the “secrets” part of their page!! These suits have everything!!

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