Miss Ladybug Ladybug Girl Book Series Giveaway

As soon as I saw the New York Times Bestselling Ladybug Girl book series by Jacky Davis and David Soman in stores, I knew they were undeniably perfect for my daughter! I mean, really…do you see the similarities?! It’s uncanny! Festively dressed in red-and-black polka-dot wings, a red tutu, and antennas, Lulu is “Ladybug Girl,” and she’s ready for fun. Her parents, though, are busy, and her brother says that she’s too little to play with him and his friends. Venturing outside, accompanied by basset hound Bingo, Lulu makes up her own games—lifting rocks to help ants, making a fort—and discovers that she “feels as big as the whole outdoors.” This picture book will resonate with little ones, who, like Lulu, know the rewards of letting the imagination loose and finding new perspectives. The well-paced text effectively captures Lulu’s emotions and young voice, as do the colorful, detailed watercolor-ink illustrations that show Lulu’s shifts from sighing disappointment to spunky exuberance.

Witty touches, including expressive Bingo, add to the book’s appeal. An entertaining, positive story that shows how everyday activities can inspire creativity, fun, and self-confidence. Preschool-Grade 2. Ava’s eyes lit up the second she saw the Ladybug Girl books come out of the brown box! She loves reading, and this cover immediately caught her attention! Cute little girl, all dressed up like a ladybug {one of Ava’s favorite pastimes!}. How could she not be ecstatic?! She truly thought these books were written all about her! We were sent a copy of Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad. Both are darling reads for young children with beautiful, whimsical illustrations that will draw your child even more into the story. Ava enjoyed both books so much and they are usually her among her first choice for bedtime stories or just to look through during the day. These books are full of adventure, fun, imagination, and good lessons written on a level your young child will understand.

Here is a brief description of each Ladybug Girl book we received:

Lulu loves the beach. Well, she’s never been there before, but she knows she will love it. And then she sees the ocean and it is big and loud and rough. That’s okay—Lulu wanted to build sand castles and fly her kite with Bingo anyway. But while they are building their sand castle, the sneaky ocean comes in and tries to steal Lulu’s favorite pail. This is a job for Ladybug Girl! Lulu conquers her fear of the ocean when she remembers that Ladybug Girl can do anything, in this gorgeously illustrated companion to the popular series. Lulu is so excited for the Bug Squad to come over for a play date, and she has all kinds of things planned for them to do – right down to eating cupcakes. The cupcakes are special because each one has a candle that Lulu thinks everyone should blow out at exactly the same time.

But when things don’t go just the way Lulu planned, feelings are hurt and apologies are necessary. Sounds like a job for Ladybug Girl, who knows how to be brave and say she’s sorry, even when it isn’t easy. Along with a darling series of books, there is also a wonderful Ladybug Girl website full of information about the series, interactive games, and cute printables all relating to the Ladybug Girl series and available for your little one. Ava loves playing the games, especially the Ladybug Girl Dress Up game. What little girl doesn’t love dressing up?! You can pick up your own copies of all the Ladybug Girl books online or at your local retailer! Today, Two lucky winners will receive Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad and Ladybug Girl at the Beach to add to their children’s libraries!

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