Guava Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib

As many of you are learning about me, I am all about reviewing items that are will make mommy life easier.  I love to play with my kids and to spend time with them. Family time is very important to my family and I. We love to take the kids for little outings and the Guava Family Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib is perfect for us! We can take this crib anywhere and be able to set it up with ease! It took 15 seconds to set it up from start to finish! This will work great when we have stay in hotels this summer. I can quickly set up the Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib, put my baby in it to play while I organize all of our belongings! The easy setup is one of my favorite features.

Have you ever seen a mom at the park with 5 little kids while juggling many different bags and snacks in her hands while she is walking to a shady area? That mom is me! I always have my hands full and have to make several different trips to the car to get everything.  This Travel Crib has hands-free transport!  There are hidden backpack straps so you can use your hands to carry other items necessary! The Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib is the perfect size to carry on the plane!!Safety is always a big concern.  I am the type of mom that worries more then I need to.  Guava Family made the Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib with breathable mesh, which gives me peace of mind. I love that I can see my baby from every angle and I don’t have to wonder if her view is obstructed as well. The side of the crib opens with a zipper so when she gets older she can feel like she is not locked in it.  This will give my baby the feeling that it is her play area and not just a place that I put her when I get busy. She will be able to come and go as she pleases!

Key Features:

  • Safe
  • Machine-Washable Cover
  • Light and Portable, Hands-Free Transport
  • Fun for You and Your Little One
  • Sleek and Modern
  • Easy to Use
  • Setup in Seconds

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