Bolder Band

Wow, ladies! I am 11 days in to my second 90 day challenge and am loving it! I find myself looking forward to my daily workouts, which is a huge turn around from dreading getting them in and stressing about being able to do it. My biggest tip for any of y’all just starting out is to just go for it. Don’t worry about if someone is going faster or harder than you. Just do what you can do and every day you will make progress. If I am having a hard time with a specific exercise I just get through it and remind myself that I’m moving; I’m working; I’ll get there! With all this exercise comes sweat. And A LOT of it.  Nothing drives me more nutty than my hair and sweat all in my face during my workout. Bolder Band is a fantastic solution for the sweaty hair situation I’ve been dealing with.


Chic headbands that stay put so you don’t have to…guaranteed!

Bolder Band is a stylish headband that stays put in place while you get your workout on! They come in a variety of colorful patterns, colors and even sizes. I am loving my Bolder Band and it has quickly become a must have accessory during my workouts. It stays put so well throughout a lot of jumping, moving, and sweating and I have just been thrilled with the relief I’ve gotten from the constant frustration of dealing with my crazy hair all over during my workouts. The Bolder Band is a great width and looks really cute on, too! Bonus! You know I like to look cute while working out! Bolder bands are fantastic for any age and with so many different patterns there is something for everyone!

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