A Great Stocking Stuffer! {Beauty And The Beast: Belle’s Magical World Dvd}

Welcome to Real Moms Real Views! If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed or our Daily Email Newsletter on our left sidebar. That way you can keep up on all the goodness going on! Thanks for visiting RMRV! Join Belle as she takes you on another magical adventure in Beauty and the Beast Belle’s Magical World on DVD.  This film is based on the original classic Beauty and The Beast. Join Belle, Disney’s spirited princess, Beast, Cogsworth, Lumiere, plus some charming new friends, as they discover how teamwork and friendship can turn a once-gloomy castle into a dazzling palace fit for a princess! Adorned with delightful bonus features, your favorite characters and enchanting songs, this fun-filled, instant classic proves that true beauty shines from within!

We loved watching this film.  With new songs and some even new friends, it was a fun film for any age.  The story is based on Belle transforming the castle from gloomy to fit for a Princess.  It shows how she connects with the other characters and such a sweet story.My son loved all the animated characters and watched the entire show from start to finish.  His favorite was Lumiere.  He is funny as usual with his accent and his new love the feather duster.  My little girl “My Princess” loved it too.  She smiled and danced around to the music.Their favorite bonus features were Belle’s Delightful Dinner Game where you help Belle plan a super special dinner for the Beast and Disney Song Selection where you choose a song and sing along.We enjoyed it together as a family and I recommend it as a Real Mom!  It would make a great addition to your home Disney DVD collection.


  • Disney’s Sing Me A Story With Belle “What’s Inside Counts”
  • Belle’s Delightful Dinner Game
  • Disney Song Selection
  • Enchanted Environment

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