Dolly Play Time Santas Little Helpers

I absolutely love watching my daughter playing with her dolls.  She is quite the little mommy.  She walks around the house picking up  like mommy does, taking care of her dolly’s and even says “Easy boys!, Easy boys!”  when her brothers are rough housing.  It’s adorable.So I knew she would be ecstatic when she received the Joovy Toy Bundle in Blue.  This adorable bundle of fun toys comes with a Toy Caboose Stroller, a Toy Infant Car Seat, and a Toy Room² Playard.The toy car seat and toy playard come already assembled.  The stroller requires assembly.  It is a simple assembly process that took me around 15 minutes total.All three of these toys are so much fun!  My daughter absolutely loves them all and they have really enhanced her dolly play time!Now she can bring dolly safely with us in the car.  It is so cute that the car seat comes with a base and a seat belt strap to secure the base in the car.  My daughter loves bringing her dolly in the car when we run errands, she has learned to buckle and unbuckle her babies all by herself.

It is also fun for her to be able to carry Dolly around the house in her car seat.  She can also place the car seat on the Caboose stroller using the car seat adapter bar that comes with it (and conveniently stores underneath the stroller basket while it’s not in use).No more worrying about where Dolly will sleep now that we have the Toy Room² Playard. My daughter used to have all her dolly’s sleep in her bed and it was getting so crowded.Now they have their own playpen to sleep in!  And when we visit Grandma they have a place to sleep there as well.  It comes with a little carrying travel bag to make it easy to bring along.And of course Dolly can now join us on neighborhood walks and her friends can even come too! My daughter LOVES taking her dolly’s  for walks.The stroller can accomadate 2 dolls, one in the front, and one in the back either standing on the platform and using the straps or sitting on the bench seat.What a fun gift this bundle is for Christmas!This toy bundle is available in Blue/ Black or in Pink/Red.  Visit to purchase one for your child.

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