Bold Chic And Sophisticated Boys

The first time I found out I was having a boy I was secretively disappointed.  I really wanted to shop for girls clothes.  Boys clothes just aren’t fun.  Boy, was I wrong!  I have found some pretty cute clothes for my little guy.  In fact, I have found such cute things that I was sad to pack them up because I didn’t know if I would have another boy or not….girls tend to run in my family.  Even though I could find cute things for boys it wasn’t easy.  I have spent hours upon hours looking.  I can’t just go into any store and find adorable things like you can for girls.  Noreen Kidwai felt the same way so she did something about it.Noreen Kidwai is a line of clothing designed specifically for boys up to 3 years old.  “The exclusive collection offers sophisticated, effortless chic pieces, made of the finest fabrics and produced locally in the USA.”  Noreen Kidwai is designed to allow personality to shine through.Celebrity Baby Trends sent my son the Noreen Kidwai Bambino Ocean Shorts.  These shorts are so stinkin’ cute.  These navy shorts look denim but are more chambray….meaning they are navy and white mixed and not as heavy and stiff as denim.  This makes them perfect for summer because they are lighter weight.  Plus navy is the new black!

I like that they shorts can be dressed up or worn casually.  They are nice enough that Beckham could wear them to church without looking too casual because they aren’t denim.  They are casual enough he could wear them to the playground and get a little dirty and not look like I brought him to the dirt in his Sunday best.  They are just right!Outside of how stinkin’ cute they are, I love that they have a drawstring!!  My son is so skinny and tall that pants fall right off of his waist.  In fact today, he is wearing shorts that are 12-18 months (he is nearly 23 months)…the shorts he wore last summer.  LOL  I took him to a trampoline park in 2T shorts and he literally jumped right out of them AND the waist was rolled down.  Having a drawstring (one that actually works and doesn’t just look like a drawstring) is a big bonus for this skinny kid!These shorts are complete with pockets in the front for a grown up look.  They are nice and roomy through the hips for diapered boy.  They are a contoured fit with a loose fitting flair.  In other words, these are the perfect shorts!  They retail for $55, which is a bit steep for me, but these shorts are high quality and will not only make your first son look great but they are going to wear well and the next boy will get great use out of them too.  Plus, because they are so versatile your little guy will be able to wear them often.

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